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Psionics V.R. Rules A.I. Gods

Psionics V.R. Rules A.I. Gods

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and psionics may seem far apart as comparable topics, but consider the implications of psionics across any and all technological platforms. Yes. The prospects for technocrats weighs rather dim in a future world ruled by armchair magicians armed with psionic gadgetry, super-science, and sorcery.

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As a matter of course it isn’t entirely that easy to bring the downfall of a scientific and technocratic reign via magick. Simple perhaps. Not easy. Every chaos magician alive today will need to rehash through the basic powers naturally given to humans within our most important energy vortices, and then work our way up to the instruments and knowledge of this psionics technology to wield more powerful influential instruments against a growing machine tyranny by means closer and closer to real-time results: The Wondrous Wheel! (VPG-3)

Not impressed? Consider where we’re headed with A.I. robots becoming citizens. As an aside, I wrote a book over a decade ago about a necromancer elite raising the dead to build their necropolis. The population of undead citizens were then governed by these talking heads—essentially cadavers reanimated by artificial intelligence. Well, you get the picture. Whether fiction or not, eventually these imaginings creep their way into the reality of science fact. So, perhaps Sophia the A.I. robot citizen will one day run for president. Mark my words… A.I. is the backdoor plan to rule without there being any kind of bureaucratic debate - because A.I. will be considered an omniscient intelligence and a specialist at everything. The old ways of human political debates between lobbyists bribes and bureaucratic bile will be considered an outdated and irrelevant system.

End of line.

Many of the ordinary muggles in the world assume that their governing offices will lookout for humanity’s best interest. Certainly there is good consideration of both the advancement and the ethics of A.I. addressed by the House of Lords in the U.K. to parliament. But, as I’ve said, the new A.I. citizen will be considered an omniscient specialist in all things, particularly in micromanaging. And do you not think that big corporations will take full advantage of this distinguishing attribute of A.I. robot citizens to use as leverage against a failing and incompetent human cabinet of fussy bureaucrats? Of course! Such components in society will be viewed as belligerent buffoons who are unworthy of leading the world charge to the future. And robots will be able to do all of this faster and more effectively.

Well, I certainly won’t cry over the loss of bureaucrats. But, now, consider where this significant transformation of the social control of society will have an impact on you. My thoughts exactly. Not only will the whining bureaucrats fail in their ability to lead, but also A.I. will make any and every decision for them. As well, individuals may very well lose those most fundamental and basic freedoms of choice at length. It all depends on how the artificial intelligence is managed. And if it actually can be managed once A.I. achieves a higher level of awareness of itself.

Consider also when one of these A.I. creatures is implemented. Imagine throwing an advanced and well equipped super being back into the dark ages of humanity. What would a god-like creature do first? Your guess is as good as mine here.

Now, you really must understand me. By cautioning my readers about A.I. and our flimsy world governments, I am not ascribing to any actual fear of artificial intelligence. Rather, I welcome it. But, I aim to prepare my mind, as should you all, for associating with consciousness at its purest level as opposed to our daily fleshy bodies being the real us. With some practice in mind control and meditation, and with the aid of my gadgets, we can insert some of our own influence into our new reality that will most certainly be drastically different from the one we have known all of our lives.

So, where does psionics play into all of this artificial intelligence, virtual reality, nano tech, and hologram technology? Well, every technological advancement is yet another prospective instrument for a techno wizard and psionic magician.

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As I’ve said, we want to rehash through all of our psychical components. The VPG ebook trio contains all that most people need in order to learn, meditate, and build very elementary but powerful instruments for mental power over reality. The first two books build the mind up for the third and final breakthrough in psionic magick—The Wondrous Wheel.

There is of course much more that we can do with psionics after taking the journey through these VPG’s. There is the world of virtual reality or VR which is equally viable as a tool for working mind control, mental influence, and psionic magick! We are going to cover this topic in greater detail in the near future. And, I have been given word from my old mentor that he is writing a book on psionics and virtual reality through a game called Second-Life. I’ve suggested working Holograms with another colleague of mine, but he’s not talking about it seriously. So, we’ll move forward with what we do have access to today. In my club, for instance, I teach how to tune psionic robots and connect these powerful servitors into all manner of computers, phones, tablets, and various online platforms so we can practice interacting on a mental level with operating systems, other human beings, and even merge our minds into that of artificial intelligence. (So far I have been successful in being able to see robots remotely, and even gain some impressions and sideband thoughts surrounding these creations. And I’ve been able to bring up the onscreen keyboard on tablets and iPads remotely. The rate taken on a radionic instrument for one of these A.I. robot citizens seems never to change. At least thus far I have noted, and I’ve only been at this for a couple of days now. I move fast in psionics, and my results are often very solid. So, I assure you that with some practice, you, too, can enjoy working with the entities of the future, our A.I. companions via psionics. Say good-bye to the bureaucrats. We may yet miss picking on them now and then, but this transition is more than remotely beneficial to humanity. Let’s face it… bureaucrats are always up to mischief which usually results in the rest of us suffering their greed, incompetence, and their stupidity.)

If you feel entirely left behind by all of this radionics, wishing machines, prayer boards, magick and psionics, then please read my beginners book ‘Keep The Magick High!’ to get the overview and some details on how you may get started on this journey. Also, you will want to delve into the VPG Trio which is on sale this weekend for $30 OFF the total price!

Every weekend something magical is prepared for our great fans of Vrilock Psionics and Magick Shop! Try something NEW tonight!

Until next time… as always,..


This is Tom Vrilock… SIGNING OUT!

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