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Best Psionic Magick and Radionics Books of 2020

Best 2020 Books Psionic Magick Radionics Psychotronics Wishing Machines Techno Mage by Vrilock Keep The Magick High

These are some of the greatest volumes on psionics ever written for any level of magick or meditation experience! Vrilock also has a book to help beginners of psionic magick and machine dowsing to get started learning the overall distinctions between psychotronics and radionics, as well as how to begin cultivating a magical lifestyle which will improve the potential of success for new students in psionics!

Beginners of psionics, radionics, and magical focus should purchase this guide to learning about the field of psychotronic magick and machine dowsing! Purchase the ebook: Keep The Magick High!

A printed version of Keep The Magick High is ready for hardcore collectors of the occult! Buy the paperback here! >>>

Bring all of your magical endeavors into one solid, spiritual, and sacred geometric magick circuit with the Miraculous Prayer Board Mini! I have a combo for a prayer board and an operator’s manual which will help you understand this instrument and the various ways in which you can put this magick to work for miracles, self energy balancing, and projecting empathic transmissions to a spiritual pursuit!

Get the Prayer Board Mini and the Operator’s Manual in one combo package shipped to your home or office! Buy here!

Or, if you’ve already purchased a prayer board you may purchase the Operator’s Manual separately here!

For my fans of chthonic psychotronics I have a book that will question the overall philosophy of metaphysics and necromantic practices, and then introduce you to new and old psionics methods for contacting the dead!

Get the Psionic Necromancer Paperback here!

Learn all about the journey into the magical mind of Tom Vrilock, a pioneer in psionics and mentor in magick! From the distant past of this author’s beginnings in Saudi Arabia to the new discoveries of spiritual and animistic powers of Japan, these practical guides will shed some light on the spiritual work of your favorite masked man! Learn how to build three simple instruments from materials easy to acquire, and start transforming your life for the better with psionic powers! You need the Vrilock Practical Guides Trio Paperbacks Collector's Edition!

Get the Vrilock Practical Guides Trio in this paperback Collector’s Edition here!

With this new audible download of Magical Messengers there’s no more need for exhausting and dangerous rituals in magick! Instead you will learn how to put your mental focus into a simple psionic instrument that you can purchase at any hardware store or your local Walmart!

Download the NEW Audiobook on Magical Messengers here!

With all of these great products you will have a good portion of some thirty years of psionics practice, successes, and knowledge at your disposal!

Until Next Time… As Always… ALWAYS…

Vrilock signing out!

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