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Balance and Counter-Balance Magick Under Your Control!

Complexity begets pain. For every advantage the counter-balance is disadvantage. Manifest only that which you are willing to pay the price. Learn to bring #magick into balance and under the control of your adept's brow when you take the Vril Fire & Ice Video course at Where witches & wizards #KeepTheMagickHigh!

A wise one who through the course of his life acquiring great wealth makes it his habit to live a modest and humble lifestyle. While much wealth is at his disposal, he neither hordes it nor does he burn it all in a short expanse of time. The wise individual is content without all the lavish extremities of wealth. A couple of nice items which are required or desired are of course permitted, but he is not fool enough to become enslaved to his material gains. This is understanding of the pinnacle of the extreme opposites. You manage to grasp the realization of how complexity begets greater pain; for every high there is a low; for every advantage there is a counter-balancing disadvantage. But, as a budding adept in psionics and vril power you are going to be at the center of all things, with those things revolving around your control.

With this in mind, always project what you are willing to pay for.


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