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Biofeedback vs Biometrics and Great Responsibility!

With the power of biometrics comes great responsibility!

If you’ve had your ear to the grapevine then you probably know that Elon Musk loses sleep over the advent of artificial intelligence taking over the planet. While in one sense this is great publicity, there is on the other-hand a very real problem with artificial intelligence. Wait! Which one? There are several problems which come to mind…

Artificial intelligence is currently utilized to manipulate art, music, photographs of people—And there is even a freaky video of Tom Cruz circulating which is entirely phony, with the worst news being that this video was created entirely by artificial intelligence. Well, not ‘entirely’. A human operator was involved down the chain in the process. It is just that the A.I. did all the technical work.

This implies that when we look at posts on social networks like Instagram we may be looking at a fictitious photograph of someone doing something that they actually never did. In fact, that person in the photograph may not even exist! Events, news, wars, poles, publications—Any of these sources we rely on for our information can now be instantly fabricated by an intelligence machine. Add smart-wearables into the mix, and much of our data is at the mercy of operators behind intelligence machines. Ultimately, you won’t be able to make an informed decision by reasoning with your own faculties; mainly, because there is ample room for doubting our own senses at length. And this brings us to another fine point: biometrics.

Biometrics takes bio data and feeds this to databases or cloud systems owned by monopolizing corporations. This means that a good intending corporation will see that your best interests are measured, while a corrupt corporation will have plenty of leeway to utilize your private data pertaining to your body, brain, and moods—Perhaps, even one day your innermost feelings will be transparent to multiple authoritarian complexes.

I, Vrilock, have always believed that while biometrics has a place in technological advantages, the greater advantage for the individual is biofeedback. Since the 1970’s biofeedback has made staggering success in self-treatment; Which we also see today in advancements of brain-to-computer-interface gadgets such as our modern day encephelogram wearables. While this technology has made great steps forward in personal empowerment and bringing individuals closer to their bodies to live and thrive, authors Marvin Karlins and Lewis Andrews ushered a warning in their 1973 publication of ‘Biofeedback’ in a chapter dedicated to ‘psytocracy’. That warning is that one day authoritarians will utilize psychological powers and technology to control people’s lives. So, this begs the question as to why Vrilock would advocate for any technology capable of controlling others. And the answer to this question is that I am advocating for a technology which incorporates your own will to self-empower yourself. I will explain…

While biometrics works in conjunction with intelligent machines, biofeedback works in parallel with the human conscience via various mechanisms and sensors; And of course now with computers and smartphones. You listen to your heartbeat. You hear your breathing. Indicators, lights, and sounds allow your brain to learn to control your innards to enhance your wellbeing and overall lifestyle. Women in particular, I conjecture, will appreciate biofeedback for the self-control that this technology allows women. Imagine the opposition to this… biometrics can tell women what to do with their bodies, and one day with the power of advanced thinking machines these biometrics will simple ‘do’ what they are programmed to do—Without a woman’s consent. The latter is something I’m sure most humans on this planet would find appalling to say the least.

It is with humbleness and humility, and with honor, that I ask you, dear reader, to subscribe and join me in my venture to fund my next organization which aims to develop an honest fem-tech commercial product line in the foreseeable future! With biometrics comes great responsibility! Let us make biometrics which are parallel to biofeedback morality and human reasoning. With your continued support I, Vrilock, intend to push hard for the funding, grants, and joint-ventures to make this new paradise of human friendly biofeedback and fem-tech today’s reality!

Until then! There is always the power of miracles and prayers to ward against the rise of the machine monopoly on our lives. Consider purchasing a Miraculous Prayer Board Mini with the operator’s manual included!

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