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Digital Double-Cross Meets Psionic Power!

Beaming into your mind! Like a ray of cosmic revelation! Smashing through the mainstream like a comet of prophecy!!! Welcome to the Vrilock Thought Movement! Tonight we consider both the advantages and disadvantages of the digital twin model and the new science of location!

So, without further ado… Let us begin!

Essentially we have arrived at a time when nearly 90+ percent of top CEO’s admit that their top priority for their company is the digitization process: a transition into the digital economy. With cloud computing, machine learning, A.I. and quantum computing… well, the world is rapidly changing; and unfortunately the common person feels sort of left behind or possessed with a desire to keep up and buy the latest iPhone, Android, or smart device to feel part of the new normal.

What I am here to tell you is that there are alternatives. This is to say, that we do not have to invest in the digerati. We can still acquire great technological advantages and contribute to green energy resources without going to extremes.

Here is one prospective I’d like my friends and followers to consider:

My Digital Twin!

My Digital Twin is an avatar which stands on top of the P2P network. The operating system is called ZOS. The system was evolved from the Linux Kernel, and has been expanded into something incredibly new, powerful (10 x’s more powerful), and secure.

Moreover, the pitch for ZOS and MyDigitalTwin is to ‘own your own data!’. That’s really important. Because today the product isn’t some item being sold—The product is you! Thus, you will want to begin taking control of all of your data soon.

Right now MyDigitalTwin is on a waiting list but you may reserve yours and purchase ZOS digital currency while you are waiting.

I’m not completely sold yet, but I am watching with earnest interest to see how this new computing concept pans out. One of the things I liked about this ZOS is that there is no need to install the OS. That’s far out!

In any event, the point of this blog is to keep in mind that as we follow in parallel to the digerati, the technocrats, and the globalists we are also forging another layer of parallel reality with psionics. To better understand this it is important to read through my book on Psionic Splicing, Keep The Magick High, Psionic Robot, and my Vrilock Practical Guides (VPG’s). Ultimately joining my club is the best way to keep in touch with Herr Doktor von Vrilock and Team! Plus you’ll have access to insider exclusive teachings!

While the technocrats are lining you up to steal your prized privacy, even going so far as to replicate your digital countenance without your having a say about it—Well, you can use psionics the follow in parallel and put these guys and gals in check per momentum. And it all begins with getting the Vrilock Psuper Psionics Teaching! This is the answer to the digital double-cross of the digerati vs humanity. There is hope! And it starts by staying connected with Vrilock and Team, and we’ll let you know when new and exciting alternatives to an improved lifestyle open! We’re working psionics to push it forward!

This concludes tonights blog! Until next time, as always…



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