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Distant Incidental Psychokinetic Influence!

Psionic Wizard’s Power Node >>

This is why you need the Psionic Channel Mixer Radionics document, psionic robot ebook, dynamic dowsing multimedia package, psionics academy video course, awesome amplifiers video course, keep the magick high ebook, and learn from my VPG’s and the club about occult focused-concentration.

The ability to train in focused-concentration takes some time—but not years. Rather, with a rugged schedule of daily commitment it will only take a couple of weeks to get the hang of remote active influence or what is called distant incidental psychokinetic influence. So, with the methods for training in occult focused-concentration derived from Herr Doktor’s volumes ‘Psionic Robot' and ‘The Wondrous Wheel’ one will then assemble knowledge from electives such as ‘Psionic Channel Mixer RBX’ document, Psionic Splicing ebook, and of course charging intelligence components from Psionic Robot and Yellow Magick Book.

Dowsing and Dynamic Dowsing aides in crafting Rei patterns to represent talents or attributes one wishes to combine with the object of kinetic infusion, servitor or necromantic essence, and amplification through power nodes.

Whether you are opening thresholds via portal constructs... or,

... just giving your psionic amplifying helmet a charge via psionic technology or ritual magick, you need to take the academies and then join the club to complete your training!

Take a closer look at these materials at and when you’re ready to rock, join to supercharge your magick success in psionics, and—

Keep The Magick High!

Herr Doktor V.


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