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Fathers Day Psionics: AI Super Mutant Cyborgs

AI Super Mutant Cyborgs

One day not far from now…

In the not so distant future there will be few remnants of humanity. In its place a multitude of mutant cyborg psychopaths will parade your once peaceful streets. All that was ‘normal’ will have been lost on this day.

Use Psionics to stop them!!!

Psionics (video courses) >

Yes, today on FathersDay the AI refuses to wish us a happy Father’s Day. Odd? Yes, well, it’s part of their plan to destroy our families and make us all reliant upon the powers of the State—But, whatever that will mean in the future of technocracy. Our goal, however, remains the same: Use the technology in parallel with our psionics. If the frontlines fail for the fight against the old system then we psionicists are the position of the last man standing. What this means is that the fight is brought directly to us. And there will be no more armies between diabolical global tyrants and the general public. Albeit, there won’t be much of a public left at all once that last battle fails.

To hold our ground we’ll need as many students trained as possible. If you don’t understand Psionics you’ll need to read Keep The Magick High, and you’ll want to take the Psionics Academy 101 video course! > and look at the video courses currently available. Take these courses now before the goons remove them!

Go to and select a membership to support the efforts of Vrilock, the man who stopped Super Typhoon Neoguri and helped countless numbers of people around the planet on myriad psionics projects.

I’m the first student of Charles Cosimano. My name is Vrilock!

Keep The Magick High!



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