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Holographic Psionics at the Heart of AI and Robots! (Psionics Technology & Psionics Training !)

Back in 2009-2015 I repeatedly contacted companies like Hanson Robotics, and still today I’m pitching Elon Musk. What was I telling them? What’s my message? My insight and intuition for engineering tells me that we can solve problems on multiple levels with my vision of how technology could work in the near future. I will outline THIS as well as HOW-TO PSIONICS training for remote powers and psionics technology.

Firstly, holographic psionics is at the heart of AI, artificial intelligence and robots. That is, my vision of psionics technology, psionics training for your remote powers goes in parallel to advances in robotics, artificial intelligence (A.I.), and holographic universe theory. At first, going back to 2009 when I relocated to Japan, I wasn’t entirely certain that my intuition about the future of technology had any ‘real’ substance as far as engineering vs current technology. Yet, I found that the real hurdle stone was not in the engineering or technology itself; Rather, it is in the social acceptance of new thought movement. That is, accepting holographic psionics (specifically, in this case, a psychical relationship between mind and machine) as the new normal of technological advancements. We move beyond machines being external to our conscious selves, and instead we reach out and become simbient to the greater whole of a powerful series of nodes or A.I. nodes, much like the holographic model which reveals to critical thinkers of this hologram theory that every component on holographic film contains the whole picture. We can take this a step further when we consider remote presence; Perhaps, it is more readily understood by examination of A.I. nodes (such as Fetch.AI).

I could go on, but here is another area of new thought movement in the technological sphere of minds: Robots - more human than human. Let us consider what has been missing from robotic development; Or, perhaps I should write: overlooked improvements to resolve common flaws in design?

As I was stating in the opening of my article: I contacted many companies, both privately and publicly, in regard to my vision of a new robotic improvement. You see, the one area where robots have trouble and difficulty is in their ability to assume human properties. Now I’m not speaking of ‘mimicking’ human behavior. I’m writing about actually participating in the human experience by becoming more human.

One area of difficulty for robots is in the area of proper motor function; equilibrium; balance in walking—Moreover, try getting a robot to climb a flight of stairs the same way a human does. To remedy this I’ve suggested that we redesign the sensors in robots, as well as their mechanical components. We’re still just copycats building new robots from the same old models; Dare I say, molds? Yes, well… a robot can be made from organics of course, but I’m coming to that (and you can read about organic robots on my channel Firstly, to resolve the problem of equilibrium we’ll need to consider the center of the creature. Yes—creature. We are designing a ‘creature’ in this sense rather than a mere robot. You want human like, so this robot is to be designed with the overall concept of being a creature—created by humans.

Equilibrium will be resolved by first of all considering—as I’ve stated—the core of the robot. You want it to have a center core. For ballast we will create a head with a fluid cavity wherein the core of sensors is nested and houses much like the human brain which floats inside the head of a flesh container. Now, when the robot—err, creature—looks around taking in its surroundings, or climbs a flight of stairs, it will detect the movement more closely to the way a human brain works. That is, the sensor core in the robot—creature—will act like a buoy floating in the ocean. When the tide changes, the buoy will send signals from the sensors via transceivers to all other sensors throughout the build or body of the robot—creature.

Now, this makes sense in an odd way—I write ‘odd’ because the idea stems solely from intuitive thoughts and not mathematics per say—in that the robot will have human like ballast by being more human like. We can, as I wrote earlier, take all of this a step further. But, that is truly an understatement. We can go quite a few steps into the future if we consider where my design concept is headed. The human nervous system is so alike the human brain that we can indeed recognize the nervous system of your body to be an extension of your brain. Thus, the holographic model may indeed apply here—Your nerves are in their finest form part of the whole of the brain; And the brain is likely part of the whole of ‘something else’ that we’re currently not aware of. You may wonder as to the latter. But, consider our human culture in the west having so many metaphors or proverbial statements like: “I’ve lost my mind. You’re out of your mind. My mind keeps wandering off.” When we look at these statements we recognize that a human being is somehow ‘aware’ that the mind and the brain are distinctly different components of something… ‘invisible’ to us at this time in our scientific understanding.

Now, then… You’re probably wondering why something ‘invisible to us’ is important to even entertain. Well, there are many enthusiasts in the secret sciences whom would feel that their lives are complete if the human brain could be uploaded to cyberspace. Well, that’s not going to happen, primarily because scientists are looking at the wrong component: the brain. Rather, we’ll need to identify what is ‘mind’ in order to fully upload a human’s conscience to an artificial construct of any kind; whether we’re speaking of a machine body, a computer storage, or into the ether of which the plane of existence is comprised of radio waves and their frequencies. Resonance is going to be the key player in that pursuit. The reasoning is of course simplicity itself: A pair of frequencies which are like enough will tend to form a bridge (‘resonance’) between the signals or waves; This then allows for a transference between thresholds of the frequencies of interest. We will have to conjecture a hypothesis that mind is more likely of the element or nature of ‘frequencies’ than it is of anything like our chemical or material bodies.

Fair enough?

Now then, as to how this would interest our psionics students is a matter of training in remote presence. You see, and you must understand me, you are already further along in the future epochs of space/ time than the world’s greatest scientists, because you are a psionics wizard. You are already ahead of the game because you are training in the realm of ‘mind’ stuff. (Join club here>> )

Join my club: to learn more of what I have to tell you.

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Thank you for your support.

Keep The Magick High!

Herr Doktor V.


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