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Interview of Vrilock to Understand How/ Why Psionic Magick

Q: Background of Tom Vrilock WHO and WHY Masked?

1st student of the inventor of Psionic Magick.

30+ years meditation, psionics, magick.

The Mask is the avatar for our school of thought

It’s like having Batman as your gym instructor. Because w/ psionics there’s going to be days when you feel as if you’ve leapt off the page of a comic book.

But, look, the more I explain the mystery, the less it is interesting. Perhaps if I started out by stating that we planned to open a chain of Vrilock fast-food joints for junkies it would be more fun. “Jack-ass here! I want to talk to you about our new junkie chicken sandwich: golden fried rubber chicken in a stale bun; and it even comes with a side of tweaker fries!

No, but seriously, the mask began as my attempt to ward off evil spirits while dabbling into forbidden mysteries, and yada yada yada…

Q: WHAT’s Psionics and HOW does psionics work?

Psionics is applied will to biomechatronics. In laymen terms: mind-machine-magick

Psionics is a self-empowered mind.

(By emphasizing ‘self’ we are referring to ‘ego-self’, (a phenomenon beyond mere persona) which requires an in-depth understanding of the occult focus; A discipline which I do instruct---for a price.)

Q: Describe CURRENT project, product, services

Vrilock Psionics hosts a number of podcasts, article blogs, a multimedia store, and a club for insiders exclusive content, such as personal experiences of Vrilock, and of course more in-depth experiences in magick, including references to my own journals—which are invaluable because I share both my astounding successes, along with my failures and learning experiences

These successes include remote influence and wellness miracles; ranging from bending the minds of tyrants to profoundly influencing the weather. Even moving celestial bodies in the cosmos.

Q: FUTURE business prospectives (future projects, products, etc)

Vrilock Psionics is ever-evolving, and significantly in parallel to technology. I’ve embarked on projects to mentally tap into remote A.I. nodes, and use these as sort of bookmark points of reference for broadcasting greater influence.

More importantly to our friends in the club, we’ve recently improved accessibility to old content in the club at no additional charge to members subscriptions. And as we continue to improve features, so also will learning experiences enhance. These experiences are already significant with collaborative psionics projects, including some global projects: such as influencing truth-saying, or causing seemingly by coincidence for facts to surface from whence they were hidden. We occasionally work on bending storms or calming telluric energies where there are significant earthquakes, or making politicians say funny things on television. These projects can range from fun to very serious matters. All intended to give students a taste of what their practiced training can accomplish with the proper guidance and application

In the future we will have brain-to-computer headgear tied to a network of applications for remotely experiencing extra spatial peripherals, (such as space telescopes, satellites, robotic rovers on other planets, and of course virtual servitors people will use at home like their personal genie.)

Q: Is there a difference between magick and psionics? Is psionics a science?

Psionics is not a science.

(However, with R&D investment funds I expect to succeed in my goals of bridging the gap between metaphysics and actual science.)

Q: Based on what? Why do you think so?

Where there are witnesses there is objective reasoning. I have many podcasts including these finer details of my paranormal and supernatural experiences—some with witnesses at the scene of events.

While my personal experiences are subjective in the eyes of critics and skeptics, many students having similar experiences to my own now brings us to a new level of objectivity—Objectivity that one day will be measurable. Once the psionics can be measured, then it becomes a science.

As for the difference between magick and psionics…

The distinguishing attribute which separates psionics from magick is the earnest emphasis on the application of directed will; Whereas in the traditional and ceremonial arts, magick draws upon external properties in nature to call into being, or into the presence of the practitioner. In psionics the operator is applying directed thought through focused-concentration, and then fine-tuning prospective results through machine dowsing.

Q: What bridges the gap between cognitive functioning and making the psionics work? (How does one move past cognitive[thinking] function into psychic [6th sense] ability?)

To move beyond mere cognitive functions the student will bypass the analytical, and then proceed to focused-concentration; We practice an absolute disregard of stray thoughts.

(There are, however, and as a matter of course, other applications being developed by researchers in ‘biofeedback’ which help the brain learn to apply itself in mental concentration—which is of course where we want to take Vrilock Psionics in front of investors to continue that research and development.)

Q: Why should people learn Psionics?

With Psionics you get to be the one in control of your life by becoming self-empowered through my secret methods and training! If you’ve ever been bullied by groups or oppressed by your employer, then you need psionics to help you. I’ve had tremendous turn-arounds in my life by the application of these techniques I teach in my club, my books, and video courses.

Q: Where can people find your classes or products?

Go to to pursue self-learning through my multimedia and other materials.

Or join the club at for biweekly wisdom of Herr Doktor V.!


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