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IPK Psionics Training and Technology

Intro: Herr Doktor Vrilock starts you on the journey to successful distant incidental psychokinetic influence! Also, known as remote psychokinesis, this psionic talent is developed by psionics training in some simple skills, psionics technology, and with a little learned wisdom I’ll share with you!

Check out this short video introduction to crafting servitors without exhaustive ritual ceremony >>

Remote Incidental Psychokinesis and Psionic Servitors:

As you develop psychic ability you come to a realization that it would take you perhaps hundreds of years to reach your ultimate peak level of performance; Things like leaping over tall buildings in a single bound or outrunning a locomotive with your teleportation powers is unfortunately locked in the domain of science-fiction for your lifetime. But, despair not! Although you may not be able to make chairs dance around the room to impress your colleagues and friends, I assure you that your super-powers do indeed reside dormant within your deepest levels of the mind. The key is unlocking some of this potential, and then determining a means to utilizing this power!

We will unlock this psychokinetic potential in ways you might not have anticipated!

You must realize that in psionics training you are aiming for your psychic mind to become like a machine; To simply flip the switch to ON, turn a few dials, and you’re mentally penetrating into the secrets of the universe that has for so long eluded the minds of the majority of people on this planet. Well, this still requires the ability to act. That is, you must have power. The problem is that your subconscious is utterly against the idea of you possessing power of any kind. Since your earliest days of childhood you have been conditioned to think you can’t have power, you shouldn’t have power, and that anyone who does possess an inkling of power outside of the self-imposing authoritarians is a villain, and therefore public enemy number one.

That is of course absolute nonsense. But, your subconscious mind believes it to be true anyway. Well, even if you overcome that hurdle stone, there are other metaphysical properties to consider, and then there is of course your training. Well, your cat might have 9 lives to sacrifice, but you can’t possibly shave off even ONE! And, you don’t have a couple hundred years to spare to meditate aloft the zenith of Mount Kailash! (Assuming you could survive the brutal cold of Tibet’s holy mountain! That’s how the mountain stays ‘holy’ by the way—Few of us unworthy modern mortals would fair well the challenges of the mountain.)

Thankfully it doesn’t take you an entire life-time to master psionics. For example, my psionics academy takes only 3 hours to complete. And, if you’ve learned from my ebook on psionic robots or listened to my audiobooks like Fantastic Facilitators, then you’ll already know how to build servitors which can enact psychokinetic properties onto anything and anywhere on the planet. Even better, you can tap into myriad existing technologies such as satellite constellation patterns, remote computing systems, nano tech—and without using science. You use magick. To be specific: psionic magick!

As for my experience in this pursuit I have written many books on a wide variety of topics in psionics, as well as key world issues, psionics technology, and psionics training. I’ve also worked on magick and psionics projects to make governments give back to the people, force outlets to expose truth, and dissolve misleading narratives that lead people away from living prosperous lives. Or at least much better lives.

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I invite you to take the journey and own your own adventure in psionics technology and magick! I’ll put it this way—Psionic Training cannot be ‘undone’. This power cannot be taken away from you. Now, that’s one guarantee that no statesman or salesman can give you without crossing his fingers behind his back. You can be killed, but your mind is energy that lives on forever. And so is your knowledge and power yours for all eternity! Don’t waste what time you have left living somebody else’s rules. Get tanked on psionic technology and psionic training today! Wield the power of ghosts while incarnate! See through barriers and pass unscathed through life’s hardest obstacles! Psionics!


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