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Psionic Cetaceans
Psionic Cetaceans

People ask how I have managed to stave off 40+ super typhoons, super quakes, and manifest so many other miracles while I was living abroad in Japan. The answer is forming a relationship with the resident spirit of the land, the sea, and the deep hidden messages of those who are dead. I will attempt to explain this magick, psionics, and mysticism in as few words as possible for the sake of keeping this article coherently brief!

Rune work, elemental glyphs, and psionics aside… the most important magick for me was working with my heart center for manifesting miracles. I know—lots of people retort that it is the solar plexus that does this manifestation. However, I know the distinction between these kinds of power centers. Solar plexus is great for building up will, and it has a lot of anger stored in there as well. The solar plexus is great for making one’s skin healthy and attractive to other people. And the solar plexus is a center for some intelligence. The yellow power belt as I sometimes refer to it. But, and having stated that, allow for me to say this: The heart is the gateway of the winds, and this means powerful kinetic abilities are channeled through this chakra. As well, there are other chakras involved for certain things like atmoskinesis. But I’ll digress. I promise to keep this article coherently brief.

The land relationship in Japan for me was formed by deep meditation and remote presence experiments, visiting various mountain shrines for the elder essence of those who’ve lived before, cemeteries, and hidden ravines between misty mountains. The various challenges to test the heart chakra, and courage, and commitment to the task.

There are of course the finer details as to patterns, instruments, and methodology; However, it is the bottom line sincerity that enters the relationship to the resident spirit of the land which determines the true awakening of certain shared-siddhis (powers) with the earth, with the localized residence of the magician or in this case psionic shaman.

I will disclose that I work with the ur-rune to draw up energy from the earth, to circulate into my own energy, and become one with the earth. I remotely travel backward in time to psychically walk the trail I hiked, and this daily exercise which hardens my feet, so that my feet and legs become as the roots and rocks of the powerful earth. That much I’ll say here this morning.

One last point before we wrap up today’s public journal…

I was mediating and found myself mentally swimming with dolphins out in the sea. Cetaceans are marvelous. Though, I didn’t realize until this morning while remotely present in the vastness of the ocean that there are more cetaceans than I can count! And their brains are just as ours—computers or psionic brains which work with a greater energy that we call the mental energy field or in laymen terms ‘the mind’. So, the deep blue is filled with mind stuff.

I honestly felt far less lonely this morning for the spirit world after taking a remote ‘dive’ into the deep oceans of our lovely planet.

I hope you also take this journey and begin reaching out to this wonderful planet, all the technologies that are racing around the earth which are your remote psi machines, and realize that this is YOUR EARTH, and that it is NOT FOR THE ELITE. This is your planet. This is my planet.

Keep The Magick High!

Herr Doktor V.


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