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Psionic Golem: Pique your curiosity!


Read the first Golem book in Vrilock’s new Curiosity Series!


The legend of the golem is a powerful myth that sheds light on our existence as sentient beings. In this book, you’ll explore the ancient miracle workers, alchemists, and holy men who created mystical beings to serve their will. If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to create a magical creature, this book will satisfy your curiosity. It also covers modern variants of golems, including androids and psionic robots. Explore the mysteries of the ancients and compare our contemporary world views on the nature of robot ethics, rights, and solutions to some of humanity’s greatest challenges! Then create your own psionic golem!


Price: $5.99

Format: E-Pub


Whether you’re interested in ancient mysticism or cutting-edge technology, the ‘Psionic Golem’ book offers insights into the creation of these fascinating beings. More importantly the question of whether or not we should build such creatures in the face of global changes, new societal challenges, and the rise of mental health crisis. Then explore the liberating light of psionic mind training and methodology to build benevolent golems to protect your person, family, property, and even have your golem stand toe-to-toe against global tyranny! Learn more by listening to the latest podcast on Psionics Digerati at >> or on YouTube >>




Feel free to explore this captivating topic and satisfy your curiosity! 📚✨

Psionic Golem Tom Vrilock

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