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Psionic Path to Instant Manifestation

Psionics training aims to move the classic witch and wizard from the low spectrum of magick into the hi-tech console of the gods; And it is accomplished by way of transforming the means by which magical operations are performed. This in no way belittles the art, but instead improves the way in which modern magic practitioners work their craft in our busy contemporary society. With mental focus, the turn of a dial, and the flick of a switch, or the laying of hands on a prayer board, we bring our psionics technology and personal powers closer to instant manifestation. In one of my books, ‘The Wondrous Wheel (VPG-3)’, I disclose the practice of ‘kinetic magick’, and the development of a talent referred to as ‘tele-mechanics’; Both of which are powerful instant manifestations pursuits! You do not require extensive years of magical repertoire. Rather, an earnest persistence in developing a rather simple talent; similar to psychokinetics and telepathy.

Much like the classic arts of witchcraft and wizardry, psionicists craft their own instruments to work change in conformity to the will of the magician (magick practitioner). Our own hands-on chaos magick lends more power to the instruments which we actively use for manifestation, evocation, enchantments, and divination. And this empowerment through self-help, DIY, psychotronics, is only the beginning of the Vrilock Psionics Training. Vrilock students go a step further into global operations by learning to utilize the mass mind, regional mental energy fields, and world trends in the global sciences and businesses to manifest new technology. The technology developed by other firms in the world is then ready to be tapped into psychically as a sort of amplifier or booster for various pursuits, such as remote presence and remote influence. As an example, every constellation of satellites or series of nodes in an A.I. network is open to mental energy to work through it remotely. These externalized projections act as remote psi machines for our conscience to travel through and make bigger changes in the world; Whether the changes are global or regional, adjurations against spells, influencing the weather or uplifting human morale in various regions of the world.

The means by which we make the transformation out of ritualism into technical mentalism is by way of training the subconscious, the conscious focus, and our overall attitude toward instant manifestation potential. In my club ( we have an audio lecture weekly, usually twice a week, and the lectures are meant to aid and inspire new and continuing students—some students who have been with us as long as 5 years have gone on to work global projects, improve their overall status in society, and make their lives happier and prosperous with mind and machine magick training. This is equally true of my personal experiences. I started a $7/hour job decades ago, and with the aid of amplifier patterns and focused-concentration I was able to land a $20/hour contract within months! After I year of magick work I was making $30/ hour writing technical documents at home, and with once per week visits to the corporate office! I increased my revenues through a stream of writing opportunities over the years—So, that even without a job I still hand freelance gigs and contracts to reap the profits from. Later, I would learn to use my abilities to shield my residence from super storms, and bend forces in the world to my will.

In 35 years I’ve accomplished a whole universe of manifestations! And so can you! Take the Psionics Academy Video Course to get started! >> where witches and wizards Keep The Magick High!

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