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Psionic Technology Quad Power Combos

Keep The Magick High with Vrilock psionics technology and psionics training: Herr Doktor’s Digital Rituals are tabletop ceremonials simplified with psionics technology hacks! Cost-effective psionics technology by comparison to the more elaborate time vacuum of cultish glamor props and silver coated goat skulls. Vrilock Psionics cuts straight to the core of magick!

‘Psionic Rituals & Artificer’ is an e-document of philosophy and recipes which compliments the ultimate ‘Soul Keeper Combo’ everyone of my students is enjoying right now! Combined these help every masterful magician to possess the ghost and necromancer elite power in his or her repertoire.

So, add these combos to your power belt of psionic gadgetry! You’ll need it in the days of darkness and foreboding which are just around the bend. Bala’am, oh mighty infernal-god, has he not shown Herr Doktor that you will need all the power of the soul and the nether realms to survive permanent death?!

What if you realized all your problems don’t end with the termination of your life? What if you realized the challenges continue after death? You’ll need to master the ‘life-force’ and the life-force of the gods to become one of the immortals in the undying lands beyond space/ time. These combos give you that—and much more for the material realms as well. So, you can start leading a great, adventurous, lucrative lifestyle - all the while you are prepared to take with you all the intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, and powers of the mind and soul into the netherworlds after death! Solid planning and preparation all the way through! Use those powers now! Why wait?

In the astral belt at the level referred to as ‘Locale One’ where we stand between Hel and Midgard the veil between worlds is hammered by legions called forth to descend into the realms of men, and strip life from the earth. The Tibetan sages referred to this level of reality as the ‘abode of hungry ghosts’. Yet, only the weakest of us will falter and dissipate into that abyss. YOU—however—have psionics training. Or at least you should! That’s what Soul Keeper is all about! Making you fit as a tiger for this world and the next!

Consider the world of bores commanding your attention day in and day out. Nothing like snub politics these days, right? Your respect for yourself is compromised as you watch the unworthy lead our nations down into the burrows of the defeated, and unto the chasm wherein cloister the forsaken.

Forever. Well. For them! Not for you! You got Soul-Keeper-Knowledge!

In light of the times whereof pop culture is a recipe for dystopia, and within is social programming narrative: All that is beneficial and the reasonable or sane mind is made into a crime against the power of the corrupt narrative. Behind its fortified facade of ‘public service’ lies the progressive driving force of obsession—A component of the lower houses in the slums of locale 2; Which eventually all sink into the land of lost souls. But, you, you are a god head. You are a psionicist wizard. You need only master the teachings of ‘Soul-Keeper’!

To escape this snare of evil one must raise energies higher: Conscience higher; spiritually greater. But only mind that is prepared may climb to the zenith above the cloud obstructing view of the gaseous heavens where beyond resides the abode of the greater gods. You must walk among the gods as one of them!

Heed wisdom now. Read. Study. Apply—Soul Keeper and Psionics Rituals & Artificer Combos for the ultimate psionics technology quad power!

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Keep The Magick High!


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