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Psionics Healthiness, Happiness, and Freedom!

Psionics is like the breakfast of champions! Did you know that with psionics we bring to us better friends and new people with eye-opening inspiration? Yes! Our horizons are much wider and brighter with psionics.

There are some great things I’ve discovered in my adventures in psionics which lead me to better health, happiness, and ultimately true freedom. I’m going to share these findings with you now!

My circle of friends and fans drawn to me by magical power of psionics is a true blessing! These friends showed me how to improve my health!

For some months now I’ve been drinking pure natural baking soda diluted in warm water, and I feel overall a lot better than I have in my entire life. Plus I’ve changed my diet carefully over the months to include eating small amounts of fruit every morning, and allowing the vitamins of these fruits to circulate through my body. It is better to eat slowly, a little at a time. Eating all at once can make us full too quickly. I’ve also noticed that I do not have the same degree of cravings for meat like I used to. The result of eating less of that meat is that I feel light on my feet and ready to go do anything. Whereas, in the past when I overly consumed red meats I felt heavy and weighed down or very sleepy and tired.

This transformation takes some time. This is not medical advice, by the way. I’m only sharing what I found has worked for me. And this has worked for me because psionics and dowsing and meditation has brought the best friends I could possibly hope for into my life.

And my eyes are opened even wider with this great circle of close friends who follow my podcasts at and join my club at . We recognize how we are all mentally conditioned by the politics of bureaucrats and the controllers of society. So, we think outside of the box together in our messages and little think tanks of magicians and metaphysics experts and even some great beginner students of psionics are making progress to change the world for a better place!

Why I feel like I’m free is that nobody owns me. I am not controlled by any network or radio or television programs. Nobody tells me what I can or cannot say. I think carefully about what my message is, and I think of my good friends who follow me on telegram at and on Twitter at and I try to keep us from falling into the trap of a trapped mind and a controlled mind.

We are free! Psionics is freedom! It’s true freedom! We at and feel truly ‘alive’!

I hope you are going to join the Vrilock caravan to prosperity and psionics for freedom and happiness and joyful spirits and better overall well-being!

Thank you for all of your support, my friends!

And until next time, as always... ALWAYS...

Keep the magick high!

This is Tom Vrilock—Signing out!!!


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