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Psionics Technology Intrinsic Thought-Forms & Frequencies!

In psionics technology we theorize that some forms have such intrinsic value that these forms possess metaphysical properties; Properties which we apply to thought-forms in our psionics training and practiced application.

Spells that Take Material Form and Frequencies:

For the psionic magician, psion witch, or psi wizard to enchant a concept around such metaphysical properties sorcery of this kind needs only visualization of the form known to contain these intrinsic values. Witches and wizards also construct material objects to contain some of these properties or to express them in our magical formulations. This process of the technomancer working with intrinsic forms isn’t mystical, but rather an art of technomancy, we simply refer to as ‘psionics’. Psionics also incorporates mind control, telepathy, focused-concentration, and regular practice of meditation.

Ordinary objects including cups, discs, rods, and swords are visualized into magical constructs that a psion refers to as a thought form. Thought-forms are theoretically charged clumps of energy encapsulating a thought or series of thoughts (a program). As an example of thought-forms the witch or wizard will visualize a shield for a particular purpose such as protection. The magician’s psi shield is essentially a disc. However, if the witch or wizard needs a more aggressive defense, the magic-user will form a double-edged sword in the mind’s eye; mainly because such a thought-form has properties of defense and offense attributed to the magick object. The thought-form is created with the shape of the object held firmly in the witch or wizard’s mind, impregnated with a magical command, and finally a good charge of energy sorcery before being released to execute the thought-form’s function.

Another example of the witch or wizard crafting magic constructs is the magical cup. A cup has the intrinsic value attached to it which suggests a container for other materials. Receiving money, divine blessings, healing, knowledge, wisdom, inheritances, more friends and companions, lovers, or conceiving of a child can be attributed to the shape of the cup—or even a magical bowl. The bowl can also work with the magic rod for transferring a pattern from one place to another; Likewise, the cup and rod are paired into formulations for transmutation of matters in the material or astral realms; receiving knowledge from sources beyond physical proximity to the witch or wizard; and to siphon psychic vitality into a container.

Herr Doktor Vrilock’s magick has employed numerous psionic devices, magical arrangements, and much meditative contemplation to the intrinsic forms metaphysically arranged in operations of sorcery, and in conceiving of mystical formulations. Vrilock’s greatest achievements as an artificer of material constructs has been manifested in the pursuit of enchanting magical rods. The magical rod arrangement known to Herr Doktor Vrilock’s students as ‘the telepathy node’ moves two-dimensional patterns into three-dimensional constructs, and broadcasts to the operator psionic properties. This latter point brings us to the topic of frequencies.

Some objects like obsidian absorb focused-concentration readily; However, electromagnetic frequencies are best applied to the human brain. The technomancer’s brain is indeed his or her ultimate psionic instrument. The wizard’s brain is a psionic psuper computer! Unfortunately, the human brain is the one key component that the majority of authorities in the new-age literature fail to mention. Magicians, witches, wizards, and sorcerers have been on the whole throughout history concerned with either low magick or high magick, and with either simple ritual or very elaborate ceremonies. Psionics allows for more dynamic interaction with the intricacies of the human brain—and on new levels involving the incorporation of gadgets, machines, and even various props to assist in visualization. Let’s face it… visualization requires one to hold an image in his or her mind for an extended period of time. Lots of people don’t want to make that kind of effort, and even more people have very little time to put into the effort even if they wanted to. So, in psionics we work toward something called ‘instant manifestation’. It’s a talent which develops with a learned attitude, and the attitude or perception toward reality unfolds from a nurtured philosophy reiterated in the psionics club at >>

Getting back to ‘frequencies’ and your ‘brain’, it is good to note that with some frequencies the magician, witch, or wizard will be able to focus stronger—and more importantly, faster! This speed of frequency applied to intrinsic forms exacerbates your power while also saving you a lot of time—and money! So, if Herr Doktor’s work can be summarized in two words, then Vrilock is about “Instant manifestation!” And, let us be honest, this is rather cost-effective when you do the math for working with expensive ceremonial magick, and even rituals while fun can sometimes take up too much space. Therefore, Vrilock = “Instant manifestation within a limited space on a tight budget.”

So, what is the frequency every magician, sorcerer, sorceress, witch and wizard needs to fulfill quick and powerful focused-concentration to effective thought-forms and material constructs? The answer is to apply “13 Hz through 30 Hz” via sound frequency generator applications. (Alternatively you may work with an EEG augmented to work with software, and transmit a signal via bluetooth.)

The method is three-fold:

  1. Divine the exact frequency best for your brain through the wave range I’ve disclosed (13Hz-30Hz). You may also experiment with 10Hz, which is known as the Berger Rhythm.

  2. Absorb the frequency via sound waves, and meditate on your breathing. Do this for about 5 minutes.

  3. Redirect your focus to an object or concept. Concentrate only on this one thing you wish to manifest or influence. Do this for about 5 minutes.

Vrilock Psionic Obsidian Palantir

This psionically quantifies your focused-concentration range and frequency. You may also exacerbate your abilities and talents by working with ‘amplitude’. If you want to bypass the technical jargon, simply work with my Awesome Amplifiers Video Course to cut to the chase.

All of this process takes you less than 20 minutes to perform. To prepare your laboratory or meditation room (which can be little more than a walk-in closet) read my book ‘Keep The Magick High!’, and take the Psionics Academy Video Course when you’re ready to learn more complex arts such as radionics, psychotronics, and dowsing with a variety of egregores, sigils, and psionic magick patterns.

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