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Replacing Rituals with Psionics Technology and Training

Replacing the need for rituals with technological advancements, and simple psychic training: Psionics Training and Technology with headmaster Tom Vrilock, Dr. H.c. Psychotronics. If you can peer into a computer screen and see what you wish to manifest, then you don’t need to do much in regard to visualizing the outcomes you want in life. You only need to concentrate with psionics training books, psionics club member philosophy, and maybe build a simple amplifier pattern to have next to your armchair. Kind of makes you feel like a James Bond supervillain instead of a Harry Potter potions master. But, whatever you like, the simple matter here is that psionics saves you space and costs little to nothing to get to a level of mastery. Maybe in the ballpark of about $600, and you’re pretty well off to becoming your own master in psionics. But, a machine won’t do it for you. Machines exist as a means of tuning into the cosmic law through a familiar (albeit Sci-Fi) interface. And really, aside from some simple metaphysics, all you need is some reading materials, time to practice, and a really good flashlight to replace your old Harry Potter wand.

(Runa Persona Servitor!

Once familiar, the runes will serve you as instant manifestation servitors when you need them to. )

Psionics training is weekly at where you get insider exclusive audio and video lectures. This is primarily a content club with some discounts on digital products and prayer boards.

The best way to get all the psionics power that you need in the shortest time possible is to take the full academy video course at! Where witches and wizards #KeepTheMagickhHigh!

- V.


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