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Soul-Keeper: ‘The Occult Science Beyond Necromancy’

Keeping Your Soul… Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals!

The question of keeping your soul (even after death) is an interesting question. Mainly because there’s little that’s universally clear in terms of applied knowledge of the hereafter or the netherworld. The short answer to keeping the soul is to give oneself to oneself; From thereafter the astral winds cannot carry us to another’s prison. You’re on your way to becoming one of the gods; of the Aesir (those whom have discovered immortality in the dimensions beyond the earthly, such as my encounter with the golden shield maiden—Listen to my podcasts at

To begin this transformation you will need to formulate a solid contract with yourself. We refer upon lore of the ancient norse to call up the ‘lycke’ into awareness. We then make a pact with the ‘self’.

With psionics the means to this end are far simpler and time-effective than ceremonial actions. Though, having stated such, I do not discourage you from performing ritual magick, but merely to accept technomancy as a skillset in your occult repertoire. Now, let us have a look at what manner of psionics and magick you might use to this end.

First, keep it simple and straight. The rest of your energy should be placed into ‘feeling’ the truth of your statements. There’s no reason not to begin very simply. In fact, there’s far less room for err in this approach.

So, affirm that “I give all of myself to myself.” Then, believe it. Reaffirm this. Reinforce this feeling that is produced in yourself. Hold your attention at the level of your solar plexus; You may experience visions of a golden glow, a brilliant yellow light as of a personal sun housed in this region of your subtle anatomy. But do not expect this nor force the imagery.

Allow the experience to unfold naturally.

You may now take this a step further and go beyond the powers dreamed of in the necromantic world of Al Hazred, Lovecraft’s author of the ‘Necronomicon’! We will crack open the cosmic egg of knowledge and allow it to spill over the crown of the head, and absorb the magick of soul sorcery. To this end I have prepared two volumes in one combined downloadable file. This power tome is titled Soul Keeper Combo’. Download >>

Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals!

While incarnate we may employ myriad psi utensils and instruments to effectively keep the magick high. Namely, I work with something called the ‘subconscious vessel’ which is an encased divination instrument, ebbing with the psychometric energies of many years of my dowsing work. Having a practiced remote contact/ presence skillset from psionics training I am able to dial in to my vessel as sort of an assistant to my work. I keep the vessel in the dark in an enclosed area away from the rest of my daily routine so it will remain undisturbed. This I teach in one of my club lectures. And there are many such secret methods not known to the majority of magicians in the mainstream texts, and of which you may apply to your pursuits to help you move forward in ways not imagined.

The bottom line is this: If you want to own your soul, then you need to start using it! Absurd as this may sound the first time hearing such a seemingly erroneous statement; but I assure you that this is true. Begin taking your etheric replica of yourself out for a test-drive. Concentrate on sending your mental presence to other places in the world. To help you accomplish this I’ve prepared the occult document ‘Psionic Wraith’ as part of the Soul-Keeper Combo. The second volume is the occult document ‘Psionic Visage’. The latter edition to the combination is designed with the intention of guiding you to crafting conscious constructs, ghost powered servitors, and command the forces of the paranormal and supernatural for your own ends.

With this I leave you to decide whether to take the next step in your journey. Command the material and immaterial worlds likewise.


Herr Doktor V.

Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals!


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