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Stacking the Cosmic Deck of Cards in Your Favor with Psionics Training!

Bending circumstances requires the inner will to be balanced in the mind’s eye. I’ve accomplished this feat through rigorous rune working, and bringing into balance the polarities of the universe in the mind’s eye. There is as a matter of course a process of bringing up the energies from sub chakras to the brow center, and this builds the strength in the temple of the mind.

So, we’ll need to cover both the chakras and the runes—Then delve into working with a hands-on psychometry instrument such as the Miraculous Prayer Board. So, let’s get started!

Firstly, the runes are building blocks for order in reality. We organize these runes with our minds by absorbing the runes regularly, ritually, having a mastery of lore, and a dedication to working the runes. Well, that is typically how this is accomplished. With psionics we need only begin with a very rudimentary understanding of the runes. Then we apply our visualization of the runes to specific psychic functions or to our machines.

Secondly, the inner rune power is aligned to our solar plexus chakra. It is from here where we will begin shaping the power and bringing this energy up through the heart, throat, and tie it together at the brow chakra. Before we can do this entirely, first the student must bring balance of the poles of the cosmos to the brow center. Thus, I will instruct…

The Vril Fire & Ice video course is presented in such a way as to make all of this process easier, more understandable, and readily digested by the student. You will be ready to work the runes instantly upon completion of this video course. There are no tests for you to take in this course. The training is done in private between yourself and the inner cosmic order of the runes within you.

Upon fully immersing the self into the runes, bringing balance into the brow center, we will then begin working to bend circumstance in our lives by applying our strengthened energy centers into a touch-instrument which we call psychometric infusion or simply the Miraculous Prayer Board. But first, let us cover the chakras in more detail.

The solar plexus is 3 finger breadths above your navel. And this is the house of will, primordial intelligence, physical strength, assertiveness, temperament, and the health of your physical body’s skin. The solar plexus is sometimes referred to as the ‘power-belt’ of the physical person. This energy pool is cultivated, energized, and the energy pushed upward to be distributed to other chakras for certain inner-ritual operations.

Next up is the heart chakra. This is known in Tibetan chakra energy philosophy as the ‘gateway of the winds’, and there is great power here beyond measure. This is also the home of higher emotional properties, such as unconditional love and compassion. The measure of one’s heart energy says a lot about a soul, and possibly is the one determining factor which allows souls to pass from the lower planes unto the higher realms of the gods, angels, and the immortal collective spirit of the cosmic mind. The heart empowers the hands, which is why what we feel in our hearts may be passed on to other persons—And, even into objects. Thus we use the hands and heart chakra for psychometric infusion operations. Whatever your heart’s desire will pass from this energy center into the sub chakras on the palms of the hands, and fingers. So, we will pass this energy through a prayer board instrument.

The final resting places for the channeled power of runes from the solar plexus is the brow center, also known as the ‘3rd eye’. The brow chakra center is the mind’s eye portal, and this energy center works well with information in all operations of Psionics, including passing that information back through the sub chakras of the hands, and into the psychometric infusion instrument—or Miraculous Prayer Board.

We can also work with Awesome Amplifiers for produce similar results in changing circumstances with our intentions, and the benefit of this is we can do so without all the emotional ties. So, if we are working primarily with information we will elect to work with Awesome Amplifiers. And if we are working with humanity as a whole we will work with something like the Miraculous Prayer Board!

Go to the Vrilock Shop to get what you need to get started training up! And Keep The Magick High!


V signing out!


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