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Summoning Dr. DuQuesne!

Fantastic Facilitators, Dynamic Defenders, Magical Messengers audiobooks teach psionics training students how to ( summoning duquesne ) create spirit creatures on the fly! All you need is a pair of earbuds, the audiobooks, and a dedicated wand for working with servitors. Theses are all very useful spirits; The facilitators smooth your road of life and fly into the future to manifest your dreams come true! Defender spirits protect your person and your properties. Magical messengers assist you with getting through to people, staying on top of projects, errands, and business dealings! But, what if you want a mentor type of spirit? A coach in psionics? A spirit whose primary function is to work alongside you as a guide into the world of magical inquisition, discovery, and experimentation? So, you need a mentor spirit creature to help you with psionics technology?

Meet Dr. DuQuesne! Chemist, space explorer, and master psionicist! No, Dr. DuQuesne isn’t a real person. The character was created by the late E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith, author of The Skylark Trilogy, and the father of all space opera. But, just because Dr. DuQuesne isn’t a living person (or even a dead person for that matter) doesn’t mean that a psion mage, witch or wizard cannot work with him magically. In fact, Dr. DuQuesne is a living force in the world of thought forms, and clusters of mental energy which we can extract from the netherworld and the mental realm! DuQuesne is the perfect effigy of the psionic super villain! And he’s a wonderful addition to your collection of servitors, servers, creatures, and psionic robots!

Watch the video on YouTube >>>

Those of you whom have read Vrilock’s work on Amazon ‘Psionic Splicing’ may already have some familiarity with the process of imparting spirit energy and mental force into a variety of patterns, models, and servitors. And if you’ve read my Amazon book ‘Psionic Necromancer’ then you’re on your way to working the necro-verse to your will! But, if you wish to make Dr. DuQuesne work for you faster, then the absolute best route is to learn how to work with Awesome Amplifiers! Take the video course and be ready for psionics action within less than a couple hours!

Lastly, if you wish to micro-manage a series of operations with one unit, just one radionics apparatus, then download ‘Channel Mixer RBX’ documentation from the shop!

Get all of the psionics training for the fundamentals of psionics technology by taking the ultimate video course ‘Psionics Academy’!

There’s simply too much magick at! Where witches and wizards Keep The Magick High! ™


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