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The Dreamcatcher

HERR DOKTOR V tells you a story about going through dimensions o both nightmarish and heavenly beauty!

Before becoming Vrilock I suffered from horrible nightmares. I would see with sight beyond sight, upon my waking the reels of horrors would continue to play for a few moments. In these terrifying moments I would behold the utter most ghastly scenes of persons being tortured, the pinkish foam of a mixture of sweat and blood pooling at the base of naked prisoners all across the planet.

One birthday my younger brother gifted to me a dreamcatcher. I was surprised, having expected the more mundane gifts of comic books or the next RPG game. Yet, there was a remote sense of some cosmic design pulling my inner most soul into this new gift. A dreamcatcher, my brother explained, was intended to capture my nightmares in a web of string and feathers. It was an authentic American Indian crafted dreamcatcher, which my brother said he hoped would work for me.

Astonishingly, my dreams cleared out the usual haunting nightmares. In place of horrifying scenes of hell on earth, I instead found myself drifting in space. I beheld the most vivid images of beauty in my dreams; images in motion and images which would suddenly ‘freeze’ into something like a luminous still-life art. The constellation of Orion. And many other Cosmic scenes of glory and haunting loveliness. I would also feel stars speaking to me. A pair of stars came into my vision most frequently; One which was blue, and a red star off to the left. The pair seemed to share a mind together, and I was helmed to attention. I was later ushered through an unfamiliar mansion, sliding through peculiar angles, and falling through dimensions, whereupon my arrival I glided up to a wall or gateway. Upon its surface was a series of patterns like engravings, but which pulsated with powerful energy like a circuit board. Months after this event I would come to recognize the pattern at the middle of this artful facade as the sigil of Astaroth.

During these wondrous adventures in the dreamland I became increasingly aware of a foreboding presence which could not enter my space, but of which I had purpose to define, confront when I am ready, and resolve. Renewed by this new coherency as to the purpose of these once horrifying visions, I set about to learn all I could about psionics, metaphysics, spiritual energy, magick and witchcraft, and at length wizardry. Natural empathic elemental mysticism (clairkinesis) and psionics has been my two favorite pursuits.

Not all horrifying visions are necessarily a bad omen. The minds roaming the invisible realms are varying. Some great(immortals). Some just eidolons (zombie vampires). The great minds of the unseen realms know that human minds tend to remember bad things better than good moments. It is easier to reflect upon the things which offend the soul than those things which illuminate our hearts with joy or thankfulness. It’s a strange subtle design, but it is on the whole true for many people. Thus many of my Lovecraftian like adventures into strange and dark corners of the multiverse have actually been blessings in disguise. There is even a way to use psionics to splice good things from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos—Which some club members have asked me if I might outline these in the psionics content club. I will. But, first, my story here continues…

During a romantic affair with a girlfriend, during my early twenties, I was suddenly pulled up from my body into a rift—and I beheld the twins, two stars in the vault of the cosmos! And it was as if a marking point or reference had been made for me to revisit this place. For I did; although my arrival there in the stars was different roads each time. During intercourse. During meditation. During sleep. Upon waking from sleep—seeing again the rift and the conscience resonating through these stars.

At length there came an evening when I witnessed my entire room sweep away, and found myself lost in a void. Once there I could not identify myself by name or by memory of my life. All possibilities were open, but drifting away upon the tide of an ever expanding ring of clear and pure light; And thereupon this light were many orifices or pictures playing life times, places, realities, and dreams—all intertwined. And it was that life itself became a dream, and I was merely a pinpoint of consciousness.

That world I had left behind was during moments of living the reality a dark place, but I had been processed like everyone else to think this is home. In the void I realized ultimate potential. I was for a moment tiny, but also great. And yet, not great, because I was stripped of identity as I had known identity.

Coming back to the waking world I found myself in a paralysis state lying upon my bed, and my neck felt as if I were a rubber chicken, with my head hanging too far over the edge of the bed. Then, snapping back together in my body I realized that my head was not exactly over the edge of the bed. That was merely my wraith which had slumped over the foot of the bed. But, I was back and in the world of space/ time. All the energies of my journeys began to congeal into my physical body, into my aura, and gradually make my mind aware of mental dimensions I had not perceived prior to these journeys outside of the material realm.

I was left with some considerations. For one, the beings such as the demon sultan Astaroth were not the evil and bile devils of religious dogma, but are in fact the immortal gods of legend. And, not all devils and angels are masculine. There beyond the veil I found goddesses, dryads, and elves in hauntingly beautiful form, mind, and will. The higher the vibration of energy the better the experiences with such entities. So, keep the magick high!

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