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The Ides of March! Or is it New Beginnings?

March is around the bend, trailing with it the usual woe of foreboding doom, gloom, and politicians shaking in their boots at the mere thought of some guy named Brutus brandishing a knife. You'll excuse my pun, but that was a direct reference to the turning of the Ides of March from a celebrated time of the months of the year which the Romans called the ides into what is now the fabled "Beware all of March" contemporary cultural collective. On the 15th of March, and in the year 44 BCE, Julius Caesar was stabbed and murdered in the senate in Rome. And from this tragic episode of history is where the urban legend of March foreboding has derived. But there's something in the occult value of March that is being hidden from the exoteric view of such superstitions. That being the astrological significance of transitioning into March. I shall explain.

As the Sun transitions from dreamy Pisces to fiery Aries, March bridges the ethereal and the bold. It's a celestial dance that mirrors our own journey from introspection to action. Before the Sun enters Aries, however, the New Moon in Pisces (around March 24th) invites us to set intentions, dive into psychic realms, and explore our inner landscapes.

In short, it is time to begin your next journey into greatness. Take home the new VMX Drive, and enjoy all the video courses from Vrilock Psionics, including all of our audiobooks--Everything loaded on to your dual USB multimedia device! Plus, the VMX comes with a Vrilock emblem and keychain, water proof, temperature resistant, and heavy metal toughness!

Don't wait for April showers to bring you May flowers! Use the gateway of March to begin your next quest for magical manifestation! Grab the entire Vrilock experience on this unique multimedia (phone, tablet, laptop, and computer compatible) super psychotronic device!

VMX Drive by Vrilock Psionics

Keep The Magick High!



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