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The Psionic Joy-Sphere Spell

Face a blank, white wall. Take a deep breath and relax. Think of the wunjo rune, and chant its name. As you call up this fiery power of harmonious joy, visualize magenta light forming this rune against a sky-blue background. See this tunnel warded against disharmonious forces, with the ice-rune to either side of the orifice yawning its portal before your gaze. Continue to think of intense joy and shared gratitude; then bring all this energy together into a sphere before you.

Impregnate this sphere with the wish you have to project into the known universe. Perhaps for your sibling’s wedding to go well and without incident. This will be accomplished by inserting this concept into the joy-sphere hovering before your gaze.

Increase the effectiveness of this spell by working with your Miraculous Prayer Board Mini and Operator’s Manual! Get the combo at the Vrilock Psionics shop to get the good vibes rolling into your reality now!

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