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The Secret: I Am Runa

Once familiar, the runes will serve you as instant manifestation servitors when you need them to. There’s an excellent video to explain the process to you on under the video carousel section of the home page. Do check it out!

Have yourself a skillset to add to your magical repertoire. This is a highly specialized skillset we know as psionics. With true psionics we are cutting to the chase with instant manifestation vs ceremonial magick or ritualism. Likewise, the shinny new box with a face populated by numerous dials, switches, and blinking lights works only if the operator is established in the magical mindset. In time you will reach a point where you do not need these bulky machines, aside from a few little gadgets that are rather common—such as a flashlight, a pendulum, a few charts, and an awesome amplifier pattern. And that’s all there is to it!

Nest the powers of these ancient glyphs into your mind’s eye, and harness great will through Vrilock’s occult concentration teachings. Call up or summon the powers of any magical system with the blink of an eye—Instant manifestation! It only takes a little training, and from there your own schedule to maintain the power—And as Herr Doktor Vrilock likes to say ‘Keep The Magick High!’

Currently, there is a great video course called: Vril Fire & Ice Video Course! This is the power house of psionic rune might! Take the course and never look back at the musty old tomes! Fun though they are, you will not need them. Check it out at and,




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