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Time to Succeed in Mental Magick Training!

You know the methods are the best. But you're wondering if these methods are for you. "How long does it take?" you ask yourself. The answer depends on your goal. To acheive great success with any pursuit typically takes whatever it takes to succeed. However, with Vrilock Psionics the path is continuous success, but results are achievable much sooner than later. For instance, memorizing and visualizing the runes of the Elder Futhark takes about one to two months before most students can roll through all of the runes in their mind's eye without verbally reciting the runes. This ability brings the runes into the territory of psionic training. Your mind owns those runes! Join Herr Doktor von Vrilock in the psionics club to get started learning everything! Including five years of lectures, audio and video, beginners page, projects section--all at no additional cost after your club membership has been paid.

Join monthly, quarterly, 6 months or for an entire year!


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