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Trio Auction By Inventor of The Miraculous Prayer Board!

Trio Auction By Inventor of The Miraculous Prayer Board! Includes three magical items by Tom Vrilock! Check it out!

Trio Auction Magick

Three magical items by the inventor of the Miraculous Prayer Board:

· Quantitative Psionics

A deep dive into the human brain as a biomechatronic psycho computer! Learn how to psionically manipulate regions of the brain to enhance learning, knowledge, and powers!

· Keep The Magick High 2: The Armchair Magician

Total control of magical operations from the comfort of your armchair! Includes explanations of the three god powers: omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence; remote presence, influence, projection; dowsing and an intro to basic psionics.

· Psionic Splicing

Learn to mix, merge, abstract, and create new spirit creatures from existing glyphs, sigils, and pentacles of power! Take what you need—leave the rest! This is the ultimate book for conjurers and summoners of spirits!

Get Quantitative Psionics, KTMH Book 2: The Armchair Magician, and Psionic Splicing! All in one bundle! Rare opportunity to bid on a great wizard’s collection of uniquely written books!

Keep The Magick High! ™


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