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VRilock Psionics Metaverse Magick: Vril Mage

Join me in the Psionics Metaverse! I'm going to teach you how to hold all the power of all the miraculous prayer boards ever made in the center of your mind's eye. Psionics Academy 101 video course prepares your energy body and knowledge. Awesome Amplifiers helps you to amplify your talents. Vril: Fire and Ice brings all cosmic forces into perfect balance in your mind's third eye.

40 super typhoons later, and the Vrilock Miraculous Prayer Board has transformed into a program you can download digitally, and then upload into your mind's third eye. This is the true essence of psionics. You literally command all the forces that you can come into contact with by mastering a way of thinking habit, and simple effective patterns of magick; whether these patterns are purely visualized in the mind or sprawled across cyber space in the spatial web3 of the metaverse!

Vrilock teaches you to calm your mind. Vrilock psionics gives you all the fundamentals in Psionics Academy Video Course. Vrilock fills you up to the maximum full of rune might with Vril: Fire and Ice! >> Shop Psionics!

Vrilock takes you in as a friend in the! That's where we really keep the magick high!

Bend the world! Even better... rock the universe!



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