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Prayer-Board Guide (VPG) Overview and Book Preview

Miraculous Prayer-Board Preview by Vrilock

When my stepfather took a job overseas it brought to my life an opportunity to experience a more ancient part of the world. I found myself wandering places lost to the sands of time. In the midst of vast stretches of desert, wandering over series of red dunes, and climbing high rocks in the great empty space, my life experienced a dramatic spiritual realization. This was the beginning of my journey into the world of the invisible, which ultimately began my interests, and resulted in my attempt to create the first workable instrument to manifest miracles.

In this second Vrilock Practical Guide (VPG) to The Miraculous Prayer-Board we embark on a retrospective journey into the personal past of Vrilock’s discovery of a powerful instrument for remote empathic influence, and the manifestation of miracles. Within this guide is a finely detailed series of experiences too rich in wisdom to be kept all to one man alone.

Now Vrilock is offering this knowledge to you! - Along with all the guidance a student of magick could possibly ask for.

This guide prepares the occultist for working with the miraculous prayer-board, borrowing some learned skills from the previous guide (Metaphysics of Self-Mastery), and developing new talents within this greater program. The Miraculous Prayer-Board Guide (VPG) brings the reader quickly up to speed in the working of miraculous manifestations, self-balancing methods, and a whole new way of charging magical constructs with a precise—and rather elegant—spiritual instrument.

First, the reader will venture with the author into a mystical past, moving the reader through a series of well-defined skillsets, and quickly graduating the reader in the operation of the ultimate instrument for miracle working and remote empathic influence.

Moreover, this magical guide reveals to the student both the triumphs and the failures of the author performing magick, from the smallest operations to the most intense situations—some of which were events of destruction reaching near biblical magnitudes. These success stories—as well as some failures—help to guide the student of occult operations to making better decisions, and also prepare the student for the unexpected.

We will journey from Arabia to the misty mountains of Japan, where the author acquired some of his richest experiences in magical work in a rather epic lifetime of events. From places buried under the sands of time-forgotten, to high mountain shrines, Vrilock’s life crosses through the threshold of things which do not allow themselves to be read. All of this will be known to the reader of this guide. Plus, the reader of this book will ultimately gain the much needed insight of a tried and true magician, in situations whether pleasant or disastrous, and have this added knowledge to guide the student onto greater success.

The Miraculous Prayer-Board is an effective tool to bring your life into balance on a number of levels, and ultimately achieve a sense of accomplishment, and perhaps even happiness depending upon how you choose to operate with it. The prayer-board works with any magical system, whether you are working with compound spirit glyphs or delving deep into the ancestral mysteries of the runes. You will love this instrument! Non-cumbersome, and easy to use. With the added guidance in this book you will become a masterful operator of the ultimate miracles instrument.

What Vrilock has achieved with this instrument:

  • Balance the personal energy system of the operator into a calm and emotionally sound state of mind.

  • Create servitors and draw power into spirit vessels with astounding accuracy and power

  • Rain the entire state of California in 2014, and reduced drought, combating widespread infernos

  • Dissolve and/ or reduce and bend 40+ typhoons

  • Teleporting typhoon Halong

  • Reduce the power of, and redirect, Super Typhoon Neoguri

  • Spiritually mend other people, soothing discomforts in both men and women

  • Charging strong thought-forms with less interference/ side-thoughts

  • Digest runes and upload/ download rune knowledge

  • Communicate with the Acer and ancestral spirits, including necromantic operations

  • Influence the spirit of the people, bring positive and effective change to a number of world problems

  • Encourage Iceland to clean up its government

  • Free a man from wrongful bondage

  • Bringing more customers to a small business

  • Stem the power of earthquakes, and possibly mend the shattered mantle holding Japan in place for a thousand years (Fukushima event is rumored to have broken the mantle), by producing harmonized volcanic activity via the prayer board and the U-rune

Quite literally, you will learn how to use this prayer-board to perform myriad magical operations, from communication with the god-forms to bringing together the patriot spirits of people of an entire country. Or, work with your preferred system of magick in a way that opens up new possibilities, and in a rather intuitive and personal way. This book will train you to prepare for working with the instrument, instruct you in its operation, and give methods for performing various operations with the instrument you will master.

This is the instrument I posted about on Twitter years ago, and had to erase my account in order to safely travel between countries, back and forth. This is because nobody else in history has ever announced just before, during, and just after a magical event (publicly on a social network), and actually succeeded. I did. And as my friend in Ukraine retweeted, it was “Beautiful magick”.

The Miraculous Prayer-Board makes it all possible! And it is very simple to build. What is difficult is that most people do not take the time to train before using it. This guide helps you with this most crucial step.

Each one of our instruments is designed to work with one or more of the human mind centers in the energy body. With this direction of magical coaching, we aim to improve your magick and your life altogether.

More about our VPG programs:

Vrilock gives every guide and program the most of his personal experiences in magick, to better ensure that our colleagues and students get the best possible solutions for those seeking answers to the real occult practice. Because we offer both sides of a story, those of success and those of failure/ near failure, we are confident that our readers will be better armed to do their own work in magick.

We are in the process of building a solid series of guides for most types of magicians, including practical guides, technical guides, and spiritual wellness programs. The guides are available on our shop page.

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