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The Passion of Vrilock’s Occult Fellowship

Vrilock's Fellowship of True Occultists

from Vrilock's comics - 'Namaste!'


When you cease to worry about the view others have of you, then you truly awaken to the ultimate potential to achieve greatness in your life.


Whether our new brothers and sisters have come to us as seasoned colleagues of the occult or as inquirers of Vrilock’s Miraculous Prayer-Board, our fellowship has grown to spiritual fruition. Read about what our brothers and sisters of The Vrilock New Thought Movement are experiencing for positive change and accomplishment through simple occult exercises.

For those who were ready to read through The Miraculous Prayer-Board Guide we aided in some personal spiritual healing of relatives and loved-ones as an appreciation for supporting our network of great people in the Vrilock Movement. In one story a colleague’s mother was struck with a heart condition. We worked around the clock to help on a spiritual level. Success has been achieved, and we are grateful to the Cosmic Intelligence System for answering our prayers through the prayer-board instrument. Being trained in intense occult focus allows Tom Vrilock to work for two hours straight on spiritual wellness. When you show your support, we in turn show ours.

Meet Dave Schrader’s daughter. She’s another example of a miraculous manifestation. We have rarely seen someone miraculously heal overnight. In the case of Ripley Schrader this little girl had a severe diabetic attack, which had her hospitalized. With a lot of psychic work, prayer, and occult concentration (with multiple people working, including Tom Vrilock on the prayer-board) little Ripley was able to make a miraculous recovery. God? The Cosmic mind? Or the power of the human spirit? This is for you to decide. Tom Vrilock is for one a believer in the power of the human spirit to make contact with a greater cosmic mind which we are all a part of. Many of our colleagues have found this to be true in their own lives.

Another of our colleagues was struck with misfortunate when his father passed away. Tom Vrilock has made sure to keep in contact with our good brother to maintain regular communication, and occasionally giving some advise or supportive words. We do this because we want people to have a place to go to, where many of the world’s institutes and outlets of the umbrella society have failed to touch people’s hearts and souls—We aim to change this over time in our program to reboot the human world circuit, and rebind our higher selves to the ultimate cosmic mind or cosmic intelligence system, which will empower all people who embrace this understanding.

In another case we worked to help a man trapped in another country. Or in some of our work we aided a man held in bondage via intensive occult concentration and secret methods of magick tech. Read our blog and forum about freeing Mr. Robinson, or our old blog about freeing Mr. Adam Kokesh from many years ago. All of this power is in The Miraculous Prayer-Board Guide.

In fact, Mr. Joshua P. Warren, who is an expert in all things paranormal, is currently investigating the use of our prayer-board instrument personally. We sent two such prayer-boards to Mr. Warren to test for himself. And, Vrilock will be constructing similar prayer-boards for our colleagues to use for their own spiritual pursuits.

Where my fellow colleagues, brothers and sisters of the Psionic Brotherhood, and The Vrilock New Thought Movement, have found joy, prosperity, or simple peace of mind through our efforts and communications my soul is truly overjoyed, and my work is nearing greater spiritual heights.

In an attempt to unmask the occult we will pursue a greater understanding of what the true occult is. Which is a study and practice of focused-concentration. We’re not the Hollywood Boogie-man, and we’re not satanic vampires. Rather, we aid people in the discovery of true self awakening and personal/ spiritual empowerment. For instance, Vrilock was recently contacted by a nice lady who was being viewed by others around her as unworthy, not given a chance by others, and ultimately confided in me that she did not view herself as evil or unworthy of other peoples trust. The trick here is to move forward in our lives without the opinions of others weighing us down. Turn our attention inward, and we move into higher levels of realization of what we can achieve.

For instance, one of our new colleagues has difficulty in concentration for extended periods of time. Another had problems sticking with one subject. And another still has had difficulty reading an entire page of writing. To demonstrate an example of what the true occult is, we asked these brothers and sisters of Vrilock’s New Thought Movement to take a piece of string and tie twenty knots in it, and use this in a way similar to a rosary while meditating. And during sessions of reading and study, we ask colleagues who have difficulty with the mind wandering to use a clicker or snapper instrument which brings the mind’s attention back into focus on the page they’re reading. This is how the occult can begin for many people on a very simple and highly effective journey with Vrilock and Team.

When we’re dealing with colleagues who suffer from negative feelings, whether created by others or by our conditioned thoughts and background programs running in our minds, we ask such brothers and sisters to work with colored papers which stimulate various energy centers in the human subtle energy system. As well, using a visual aid can help for people who are not yet ready to pursue more advanced occult visualization work.

For those of you who are new to our organization, begin by learning how the Vrilock Practical Guides can bring out your best. Read Metaphysics of Self-Mastery to get started on the journey inward, and burn off the negative programming. Break free of the matrix, and embrace the greater cosmic intelligence system. Read The Miraculous Prayer-Board Guide to get trained up fast and strong.

In my own experiences I was at one point brought to a challenge, a trial of sorts, whereby my magical formulas were on the verge of collapse. Centered in the midst of destruction, watching the mountains come down, houses splintered and washed down the streets, my awareness picked up a beacon of hope in my heart, and I called upon the Cosmic Mind for aid. Before my eyes I beheld a halo of light which held back further devastation, and my crown was elevated, my watery will made fiery, and my heart refilled with passion. This very personal experience of spiritual awakening many years ago is included in my book The Miraculous Prayer-Board Guide.

Whether you are struggling with the opinions of others, personal spiritual awareness, free time, or simply not given a chance by those around you to do something good with your life, I invite you to take the journey with Vrilock and colleagues, because you are going to find prosperous joy at the end of this climb to greater spiritual heights. First, we need to change your view of what the occult is, and then burn off the bad programming. When we arrive at the center of true self and will-fire, then we will be on our way to true spiritual brotherhood and sisterhood in a combined effort to reboot humanity’s connection to the world-circuit—and by extension, reach out to the stars and the cosmic intelligence system of which we are all a part of. But, let us get started with the basic tools of the trade, and help as many of our brothers, sisters, colleagues, and good fellows of Vrilock’s New Thought Movement as we humanly can.

Don’t think that you’re up to the challenge? Well, let me tell you about a few of our brothers and sisters who have come to us with some really tough difficulties, but who still have made success with some effort. We have some colleagues as I’ve mentioned who have ADD and other learning curves. But, know this, these people have the will and passion to achieve. I know many other people who have the money and the physical/ mental ability, but who choose to go through life being part of the zombie horde and the mainstream nonsense out there. People who come to me with real problems, but who also make a sincere effort to learn how to solve problems with some simple occult exercises will continue to put to shame those who could do something with their lives, but who choose not to be a part of the solution. So, don’t give up just because you have ADD or another inhibiting obstacle in your life. I have some inhibitors of my own, and I’ve grown to move forces much bigger than myself through a spiritual earnestness. This is why I want you with me. You have the heart. You have the spirit. With these two things, and a commitment to Vrilock you can achieve control over your own mind, and make it serve you and even move on to helping other people when you are ready. This is the true classical occultist. We are not Hollywood orgasms on television, and we’re not the walking dead or satanic vampires. We’re metaphysicians, explorers, researchers, psychics, and spiritualists. In many cases we can be called wizards because we practice the technology of magic, but always with our center of true self in sight. Let us help you get there, and take advantage of something that has been hidden from you since day one of your life. After all, the occult is about that which is hidden. And it is hidden because other people do not want you to have personal empowerment. Free your mind and spirits with Vrilock.

I’m Tom Vrilock, and I look forward to bringing you into my club and organization for a prosperous and powerful new you!

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