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Vrilock UFO’s and Extra-Dimensionals

Vrilock UFO’s and Extra-Dimensionals

Well, I’ve been trying to get a number of pro’s that I know interested in my own experiences with UFO’s, but the odd thing is they’re not interested in interviewing me about UFO’s and inter-dimensional beings, what we might call extra-dimensional creatures. So, I thought I’d simply interview myself and let you all know about it.

Here it goes!

U.F.O. sightings and unexplained visitations by beings of light have been in my family tree for quite a stretch. My mother would speak of her experiences every once in awhile, and at times she’d dive into great detail on events involving dimensions opening to portals of varying colored lights, and of course unidentified flying objects which somehow had the ability to reach into her mind, and even her sister’s mind, to communicate a message. What the message is remains a little unclear to me, but essentially these entities were revealing themselves, and reserving their purpose for a later return visit which has not happened.

The most profound event with U.F.O. activity in my own life occurred when I first saw a portal open before me. There in this portal was a being made of light, and who’s body was entirely constructed from angles, so as to give me the impression that he was digital or of another substance so other-worldly that I could not fathom its physical makeup.

Later, in my teens I witnessed orbs and diamond shape lights move about in the night sky at angles impossible for our modern air machines. And it occurred to me that if we did have such technology our military would certainly attempt to keep it stealthy—and not luminous, unless of course the technology required or produced illumination of some kind in order to fly around.

In one such sighting a friend and I were watching the sky out over a cliff in Southern California. There was this greenish blue diamond object flying through the sky at a steady and slow horizontal angle. The UFO stopped in the center of the canyon. Then it shot straight up into the sky, and then beyond and apparently out into the atmosphere. I turned to ask my friend if he had just seen what I saw. Comically, my friend was already looking directly into my eyes when I turned to ask him. My friend’s jaw was completely dropped, and he had this stupid look on his face that was rather hilarious. A few weeks later and my friend denied having witnessed this UFO sighting.

Approximately 1999 my wife and I were driving on the 5/405 freeway headed north. As we were passing the Irvine Spectrum my wife and I witnessed what looked like the Aurora Borealis in the sky. It was broad daylight, and for a while we wondered if these lights were some kind of a performance being manufactured for the shopping centers. Well, the lights were fluid-like, as if the gods had spilled the life-giving fluids of the spirit world over the clouds, except that there weren’t really any clouds around.

On a later driving excursion my wife and I came to a red traffic light at an intersection in Costa Mesa, California. The time was roughly 3pm in the afternoon. Looking at the dashboard window I beheld a flying saucer. It was metallic, and the UFO was simply hovering maybe fifty feet or so above and just beyond the intersection. I asked my wife if I was imagining what I was seeing. To this my wife took a good look and nearly screamed with complete surprise. I had to laugh, because my wife had never believed in UFO’s or aliens. (To my wife, well, ‘That’s the stuff children and crazy people are entertained by.’)

What proved to be more interesting was that wherever I went in the world—seemingly drawn to places where disasters would strike—we would from that point onward witness more of these flying saucers, orbs, and unexplained fluid-like lights in the sky. For instance, during the Kyushu earthquake that split that isle nearly in half, my wife and I were at the post office in the evening. The Hiroshima post office was open late so as to accommodate Japanese folks who were sending care packages from Hiroshima to the victims of the mega quake in Kyushu.

The earthquake was continuing the entire time we walked around town. I remember almost getting used to feeling the ground shake in Hiroshima so as almost not to notice any movement.

Well, getting back to the post office I remember it being kind of stuffy and hot inside. So, I stepped out for some fresh air while my wife stood in line to ship out a package. In this slight clearing of mist or fog just above the buildings directly across the street from my position I witnessed a disc in the sky. It was dark in texture, and there were these lights coming out of it. The lights were red. I remember watching the craft for a time, feeling as if the UFO was looking back at me. I stood there watching as this UFO began to vanish into thin air, and then it was gone.

Similarly on an earlier event I was awoken to the face of a digital clock in my room in Japan. This happened repeatedly for some days, and the times were almost always 4:44 or 2:42 am. It was like an electric jolt which would wake me, or on some occasions it would be whirring noises. One one very traumatic day it was the sound of my stepfather’s ghostly voice from under my pillow which woke me. Later that same day we had felt a jolt in the ground rise through our building. Then, checking the newsfeed my wife informed me that a tsunami had hit Fukushima’s power plant, and there was a meltdown. I watched some video reels of the event, and I felt a sickening in my stomach. I wondered why that was that this event which was a disaster of disasters would make the pit of my stomach so incredibly upset. Then I realized something, as if the air was speaking to my mind the reality of what had just happened.

The event was man-made. That’s what my inner ear was trying to tell me. That is what my gut feeling was speaking to me. Sure enough, I witnessed star-like objects or orbs which resembled distant stars moving about, sort of swimming in the sky around those times.

During the 31 landslides in Western Japan I witnessed other strange events. But I will leave this for another time to tell. From here I’d like to introduce how people feel about not being taken seriously or at least considerately in regard to their experiences with UFO’s and extra-dimensionals or inter-dimensional creatures.

One of our good friends on Twitter expresses her feelings on the matter of UFO abduction, inter-dimensional beings, and how people treat UFO abductees in much the same way that rape victims are treated.

Here’s Linda Morrison:

For those who can’t see the image capture of Linda's tweet I’ve included a transcription as follows:

“[…]Experiencers/contactees of extraterrestrial/interdimensional beings have always received the same treatment as rape, sexual harassment, and molestation victims. We are not believed, are called names, are shamed and told it is better not to talk about it.”

In short conclusion to this web log, I will simply leave you with a question.

What do you think is going on in our skies? Are we being visited by UFO’s? Or are these our own military flying around in advanced and secret machines?

Contact Vrilock with your stories or perspective about UFO's!

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