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Rune Dowsing

Rune Dowsing by Vrilock Psionics

Well, it isn’t unusual to divine the future with the power of the runes. Actually, the runes are great for forecasting, looking at the present situation, and for peaking over our shoulder at the past. But, what I’m going to talk to my guest about tonight is how to use the runes in actual dowsing. That is, dowsing with a pendulum and the runes combined!

Dowsing is essentially the beginning of psionics. In fact, dowsing in general is the essence of radionics.

Psionics—being mental abilities through the application of machines, such as radionic boxes, wishing machines, psionic amplifying helmets, eloptics (electro optical), and manifestation instruments like the Miraculous Prayer Board—is put to work with the runes in a truly unique way! A method in which I’m going to describe to my fellow magicians right now.

So, here’s the best way to explain rune dowsing. I’m going to tell you one of my own personal stories using runes and pendulum dowsing, plus the application of the Miraculous Prayer Board instrument.

Now, we all have had money problems. So, despite my best efforts I found myself in need of organizing myself financially. Already being on something of a budget I pondered how the Universe might possibly help me work out my financial arrangements. To this question I decided to try something with the runes. Namely, old school rune divination, but with just one rune vs the more commonly applied layouts of multiple runes. And for those who do not already know, there are essentially various means of laying out the runes sort of like tarot cards, and then establishing a sense of past-present-future circumstances, and hopefully divining some magical wisdom from these runic spreads.

What I did was first to clear my mind with some basic meditation. (I outline this kind of meditation in my ebook ‘The Metaphysics of Self Mastery - VPG1’.) So, next I reach into my bag of runes and just sort of swish the runes around a bit, familiarizing myself with the intuitive energies of the runes.

At the right moment when the ‘feeling’ was just right—and many of my fellow magicians, dowsers, and psychics know what I mean here—I drew out a single rune from my personal bag of Norse staves.

What I acquired from the rune bag was a single runa, and it’s name is Laguz. Now, the rune Laguz literally equates to our concept of a ‘lake’, and it’s magical properties are associated with the feminine energies and of water. Metaphorically speaking, this rune represents the relationship that we have with our subconscious minds and our body’s water.

So, having acquired the rune to my question so to speak, I began balancing the runes energies, and my own subtle anatomy in harmony to Laguz via laying-on-hands with my Miraculous Prayer Board instrument. This is a very simple and easy process, but very powerful. Any energy going through this instrument must be balanced at the center of this sacred geometry. So, the rune Laguz and my intuitive self were made to join at the center of the Miraculous Prayer Board instrument.

Next, I moved the Laguz rune to my alpha-numeric pendulum dowsing chart.

With the Laguz stave at the center of my alpha-numeric pendulum divination chart I began asking the question of the rune Laguz which as simply “How do I improve my financial situation?”

Now, understand that the answer from the pendulum can take some time to work. But, that time is reduced by bringing both my mind and the stave into balance via the Miraculous Prayer Board instrument, and some training in my Psionics Club. So, I was already given a head start with my instruments and experience in operating psionics.

What happens in dowsing with the alpha-numeric chart is something which yields a little gibberish at the first try. That’s entirely common. Then, after keeping my hand as still as possible, but without being too rigid at the wrist, I begin to receive the first coherent message. This psionic message is spelled out by the pendulum dowsing chart.

That message read “Only begin…”

Naturally of course I did some extra dowsing aside from this session, including some psionic helmet work combined with radionics to see where this message was going to take me. Consequently, running this message through a rate taken on a wishing machine or radionic box can lock in on the intended message more coherently than going about this divination work without the psionics gear.

The result was also quite interesting. I received a long overdue response message the very next day after dowsing. The message was a kind reply of interest in my business from an important person. I won’t name names here just yet. Let us save this surprise for an upcoming article.

Well, I cannot stress enough the invaluable attributes that the runes lend to pendulum dowsing, and ultimately their effectiveness in psionics! To learn more about the use of runes in psionics please purchase my ebook 'Hammer of Vrilock'!

Hammer of Vrilock is part of the Rune Rise Program series normally available only in my club, but currently available to the general public. Also, read through my personal journals and learn about my journey into psionics under the guidance of my former mentor thirty plus years ago! Read 'Journals of Vrilock'! Features three volumes of in-depth journals and scanned letters signed by my former mentor in psionics, Charles Cosimano.

To learn more about psionics, please join my Insiders Club where you’ll have access to my personal messaging system, my journals, psionics e-docs, audio logs, how-to psionics videos, and magick electives documents. Plus, all club members have access to discounts of up to 50% OFF of magick and psionics products, instruments, and materials I produce!

Thank you for your support of my work, and until next time…

Keep The Magick High!

Tom Vrilock signing out!

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