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Psychotronics: Relationship of Mind and Machine

Doc Vrilock Psionic Magick and Psychotronics Radionics Club

The word psychotronics is more often used interchangeably with psionics. Both deal with the relationship between mind and machine as it applies to the psychical or magical pursuit of such arts. Radionics typically is a reference to the machines used in psychotronics or psionics. This article is intended to make an argument that it is the mind of the operator which should interest magicians the most.

So, without further ado… let us begin!

Essentially, psionics has to do with the interface between the human mind and reality. We’re in a sense swimming back into the fluid territories of metaphysics when we engage in the activities of psionics. That is, the real question mankind has had from the beginning: How does the human mind interact with, and influence, the invisible mechanisms of what we refer to as reality and the physical world?

Why I choose to work with the word psionics is rather simple: There are fewer letters in the word, and so the word ‘psionics’ is far less intimidating to magicians just entering the field of study and practical application of psionic magick. But, and as a matter of course, my readers interests in this subject are far more likely concerned with the practical application as opposed to all of the technical jargon and theories stemming from brilliant philosophers on the topic of psychotronics and psionics.

Alrighty then!

The practical application of psionics is a true gift to the modern magician. And here is the reason why. Prior to psionics hermetic students of magick were required to have a thorough understanding of the elements stemming from the ether, and the analogous electromagnetism flowing from the legendary Akasha. But, while having a knowledge of hermetics makes you interesting conversation at a dinner party, the pursuit of wisdom comes from actual application, which includes not only a study, but the meditation and reflection upon the hermetic reasoning. These are good things, of course. For, let it be reiterated here from the teachings of Franz Bardon that if we remain solely in the position of scholar, then we have only the exoteric knowledge. Which, as a matter of course, is wanting of wisdom. Wisdom can only come from the esoteric understanding of the elements; and that understanding is best accomplished through a routine of practice and initiation into the teachings of hermetics.

Well, psionics sort of bypasses these requirements. Albeit, and do not misunderstand me, my good traditionalist friends (for whom I do have great respect and admiration), I do not imply that one should ignore the entirety of those teachings which the average man considers to be of the occult. Rather, I am making a direct statement here that we can better pursue the path of wisdom by our achievements in technology, which gives us new tools with which to work with. These tools, by the way, are what we are referring to when we write of the term ‘radionics’. Radionics is the instrumentation, or perhaps the medium, through which psionic magick is made possible.

Let us be honest. Psionics is a methodology which allows for a very intimate relationship to magick. But, it is an intimacy that is more direct, and bypasses the theatrics we would ordinarily use to employ the powers of the subconscious and unconscious levels of mind. The force, as it is called, simply flows through our instruments because with our practice of radionics and psionics we are creating a relationship of directed will and influence which does indeed catapult the magick into new territories of the Cosmic All.

One of the fundamental and distinguishing attributes about psionics is that we are primarily working with information. This is because psionics is based on the principles of dowsing and divination. Because we are working with information we can bypass many of the traditional points of perception, and simply influence, emphasize, suppress, or completely transform in some instances that information in a concept, person, place, or thing. This defining attribute greatly extends the power and reach of psionics in potential. My club will help you to better understand this power of 'information magick' and 'conditional radionics', including my invention of variable machines.

The power Cosmic is the ultimate achievement currently conceivable to the ambitious wizard of psychotronics or psionic magick. Cosmic is the all-powerful, all-creative, vast active living intelligence system (V.A.L.I.S., as P.K. Dick coined it) that is the source, or the Force, through which all things are surrounded and interpenetrated by throughout the cosmos. Nothing could be more highly desired from our standpoint in this particular reality.

To better understand the beginning of learning psionics, radionics, psychotronics, and machine dowsing magick, please read my book ‘Keep The Magick High!’. The ebook you may download for just $4.99 , and get started learning the basic reasoning, and project what else you will need to pursue to learn of the wisdom of psionic magick!

Until next time… Keep the Magick High!

Doc Vrilock signing out!

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