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A Full Moon of Opportunities in Psionics Technology Magick!

Psionics Business Magick VMX Drive

Tragically in the year of 44 BCE Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by Brutus and Cassius in the Senate of Rome. Woe the fateful day in the Ides of March! Well, primary candidates are selected in March, as well as seats for congress. Such is the world. But more importantly and perhaps on a more positive note we look forward to the Ostara 5 days after the Ides of March. On the 20th of next month is your opportunity to take full a

dvantage of the balance between light and darkness! Use the methods you have learned from Vril: Fire & Ice Video Course, or from the psionic magick combined that you have acquired from the Vrilock VMX Drive! Use this knowledge to project your wishes for a new beginning in any pursuit that is meaningful in your life! A new home! A new job! A successful business deal! The power is yours!

Get into the VMX Drive and take home the power of ALL Vrilock Video Courses and Audiobooks in one powerful multimedia drive! Plug it into your phone or computer! Then relax and enjoy your favorite courses and audibles!


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