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Dinner & a Ghost! (Psionics, Poltergeists, & Dowsing!)

Years ago I experienced a personal poltergeist that turned into an attack on my body. It wasn’t my first poltergeist event, but it was the only one that sent me to a doctor to have my spine examined. What could have been a preventative measure? Well, maybe if I knew better than to show up at that house—well, things might have played out differently.

May I present to you the retelling of a true story: Dinner and a Ghost with Stacey!

You need dowsing, son!

This is where effective dowsing comes in real handy. It takes more than simply holding a pendulum and asking a yes/ no question. A book of thoughtfully crafted divination graphs and dowsing charts makes the difference that my students have been waiting for. And now we have the kit—just this one batch—that gives all of this secret knowledge, and the tools to do magick, dowsing, and necromancy without all the ceremonial gimmicks.

Check out Necromancer Elite Dowsing Kit! >> —But hurry before these kits are gone! (The kits have already been selling fast enough that we can estimate these kits will be gone in several to 10 days.)

And here’s a little more magick to pack into your mystical laboratory, and which will give your influence work that extra oomph!...

Prayer Board Stocking Stuffer & Operator Manual Special!

Trying the locks to my young mind tentatively, a phantom hand grabbed my arm… pulling me into a holographic realm of dreamscapes that staggered my imagination! The journey into spiritual assignments abroad was about to explode into an adventure of trials, challenges, new and beautiful faces, and good friends from all over the world!

In Arabia I attended the international school in Riyadh. In my pastime I would accompany my friends to explore abandoned construction sites, junkyards, mountain climbing, and… then the underground tunnels leading to the place where copper glowing orbs traced my steps like predatorial eyes plotted in the mass of shadows lurking in such shunned places; Halls underground where arches were barricaded by fallen rock, and where voices without bodies haunted the dark.

From there I returned to my homeland, and vanquished a series of vampire entities, before leaving once again to live in Japan; On the mainland I would live for seven years—And the greatest of disasters would challenge all of the power I had gained from the netherworld.

Since the early years of working psychometric infusion (reverse psychometry), the prayer board has traveled around the world to other operators; Including a Qi Kung and Reiki master in Japan who uses the prayer board as a focus point mounted on his wall. (The bands and clips help to hold images applied to the prayer board.)

This prayer board is a spiritual tool of faith energy, magick, and it is imbued with my psionic energy! Included in this kit is a golden sack, with yellow inner lining for invoking intelligence energies, and to store the static charges of the prayer board. Also included in this special auction is the operator’s manual to help you get straight to work on projects: Adjurations, summons, communion, blessings, and remote influence.

PB Mini & Magick Sack auctioning now! >>

The next prayer board champion will be made in an upcoming eBay auction! Bookmark and follow >> docvrilock on eBay for magical items, books, and collectables! URL:

You may also wish to purchase my Vrilock Practical Guide Trio (ebooks bundle) to learn about these adventures in Arabia where I met the djin, and the powers of animism I acquired in Japan. These books tell you how to build 3 magical items at home—feasibly, easily, and enjoyably!

Learn more at where witches & wizards Keep The Magick High!™


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