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Generation PSIONIC!

Would-be students, club members, and loyal fans of my psionics series of books, audibles, video courses, multimedia downloads, and psychometric infusion instruments, frequently ask me about orgone devices, Tesla plates, tachyon technology, MK Ultra, quantum theory, holographic universe model, shoestring boxes vs hardwired radionics, eloptics, scalar waves, pyramids,… And the list goes on. What I can say about many of these topics of interest to psionics is that these are mostly advanced pursuits. That is to say, while curiosity is natural there are better things for the would-be psion to be working at in order to develop his or her own personal self-empowerment. I will explain this, as well as why need my classic paperback ‘Keep The Magick High!”, a hi-lo reading experience for budding witches and wizards entering the field of psionics training or psionics technology! Oh, what the hell—I’ll explain everything in summary.

What most people want to know is which gizmo or gadget is going to give them the most bang for their buck. And, this is as a matter of course understandable from the perspective of a society founded upon independence, and later stolen away by consumerism. (No, that isn’t a typo for communism—I meant ‘consumerism’.) Listen. There are myriad means to an end. Likewise, it doesn’t take a sledgehammer to kill an ant.

Past generations would have marveled at the technology available to the average preteen today. We’re nearly beyond the reach of smartphone technology; Within the next 7 years you’ll make all of your phone calls from your smart-glasses. We might even go so far as to begin making telepathic calls to other brains, both biological and artificial, or a hybrid mind existing in a mixed reality with a little bit of both. (And marketing had better come up with a better terminology than ‘biomechatronic’; or people are going to have difficulty saying that real quick in one sentence.)

The point here that you might have missed is that each generation is more or less familiar with gadgetry of their period in time, often having grown up or later working with such technology early on in life. It’s difficult to teach grandma to work a smartphone if her greatest victory over the world was getting her drivers license at age 70. Likewise, generations today may be more familiar with tapping and swiping a responsive touchscreen than older fellows like myself, who are accustomed to turning tuning dials on radio equipment, and across various psychotronics or radionics instruments.

What this means is that you will work better with the technology to which you are most familiar; And it is from there where you will build your psionics interfaces to work with. Having stated this, there are some interesting metaphysics surrounding radionics (where tuning dials and rubbing plates are required), which make touchscreens wane in magical effectiveness by comparison. Still, a simple rule applies here: familiarity. And what you are comfortable working with.

(Get up to speed here by reading my previous article ‘The Magical Lifestyle of Psionics Technology’ >> )

The goal in psionic magick (vs ceremonial or ritual magick) is the development of an attitude that things can be controlled automatically by the adjustment of some tuning mechanisms, dials, switches, buttons, and a variety of lenses, lights, and props to build psionic interfaces through which you work your will in the world. You need a good read to help you understand this transition in the magical lifestyle. Thankfully, my classic book ‘Keep The Magick High!’ Is temporarily available in print. This paperback is a gleaming jewel in the nile, as they say. What you learn is the magical lifestyle, mediation, focused-concentration, and an overall understanding of the easily confused terms in psionics, radionics, and psychotronics. You are going to have more than a few gizmos to show for! This book is the beginning of a very important set of skills for the would-be psion and psionic adept!

Get your copy while the batch is still available!


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