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The Magical Lifestyle of Psionics Technology

What is seemingly absent in occult students today is the focus, creativity, and knowledge combined. Sure, we all have one or two of these attributes; It would certainly make magick work a whole lot better if one could have them all. Well, you will! All you need to do is learn what is missing, and then follow my procedures to fill in the gaps in your life. And… wallah! You will have the psionic power! Which is a real blessing, because with psionics training comes a new perspective on the entirety of magical thinking and activity.

Self-discipline and intuitive ability development is at the heart of this school of thought. Success in these two things makes your magick work at its best, as you will be functioning also at your best!

Now then, a commonly misunderstood assumption is that psionics requires the would-be student to have an understanding of magick as sort of a prerequisite for entering psionics training. I certainly didn’t have a whole lot of understanding about magick before studying psionics under the master-mind Charles W. Cosimano. I was, however, honored to be his very first student. I entered into psionics from a background in basic meditation, and that merely being some knowledge of trance, a year of yoga, and reading all the wrong new-age books on the subject of psychic exploration and fancy re-writings of how the pyramids were constructed or who were the Atlanteans, and other fun—though likely not true—reading literature. Psionics training, on the other hand, took my mind and body into a whole new territory of real-world practice, inner discipline, and magical study. I had one good thing on my side, and that was previous training in martial arts, which gave me an edge in the discipline aspect of psionics. Ergo, I must say that the discipline required by my mentor was hardly pressing. Merely, I had to begin with an honest view of myself. And then follow some basic exercises to open my awareness, and then begin working with my intuitive faculties; Which is just a fancy way of saying “opening my mind’s eye”. Really, all I needed to do was to understand some basic training, relearn how energy fields and patterns work in mentalism.

I take the teaching of psionics a step further by introducing students to the difference in how the occultist sees reality vs the laymen’s institutional lens of the universe. My entire series of ‘Keep The Magick High’ is designed to be read by anyone with high interest, even if you have low ability to learn. And, you get all of my experiences, knowledge, and wisdom imparted to your mind through the journey in each book throughout the series.

Magick folks love the art, and we all have a passion for exploring the mysterious and the mystical. But, when real life throws us challenges it is a comfort knowing we have the magical lifestyle in perspective. With the classic Keep The Magick High paperback you will have more than a few new gizmos to show for. You will have a solid skillset firmly in mind! And with regular psionics training practice of my psionics technology and methodology you will tuck away some powerful experience under your belt. Thus, making YOU the master of your destiny! And an adept in mind-control methods.

Right now you should get your copy while this limited batch is available to ship to you! Go to the link at the bottom of this page to purchase your copy of Keep The Magick High! The original paperback classic authored by Herr Doktor Vrilock!




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