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Happy Easter, My Friends!

Greetings Friends of Vrilock!

Happy Easter you Psionic Power-Magus! Remember all video courses that you need to master psionics quickly, cost-effectively, and powerfully are now 50% OFF as part of the Vrilock Team Spring Sale!!! Woot! Some are 1/2 Off to purchase, while others are discounted for rent! Select the one you want, and decide to buy or rent—All depending on your schedule for the pursuit of psi magick talents, skillsets, and the knowledge you deserve!

Well, if occult training is your kind of candy, and your friends are books—Then Vrilock is the candy store where all your friends are hanging out! Tell a friend about Where witches and wizards #KeepTheMagickHigh! ™

But that’s not all we got for you this rock’n Easter weekend! Don your villain psionic helmet and live the magick lifestyle with good old Dr. Vrilock! Be the next Psionic Power master! Watch the latest HERR DOKTOR blockbuster or read the new Vrilock blog!

Spring Video 50% sale!

Learn everything fast in one video course! Or take an elective course to add new powers to your repertoire! This spring all videos are now 50% OFF! Go get em bad boy! >>

Prayer Boards are Back!!!

And, don’t forget—a limited batch of prayer boards is now available for you to purchase your very own miracle manifestation instrument! Each one is blessed by Vrilock!

Shop for magick!

Begin your own super powers with the Awesome Amplifiers Video Course! Download >>

Get the lord or lady you want in your life!

Don’t be lonely! Get Romancing the Miraculous Prayer Board Audible!

Train up fast!

Don’t let life control you! You’re in charge with psionics! Take the academy video course at!

Thank you for being a friend and supporter!

⚡️Keep The Magick High! ⚡️

Vrilock & Team 👍🏻

“Keep The Magick High! Instant Manifestation w/ Psionics Master Herr Doktor Vrilock!“ ™


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