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Alleviating Troubles with Vrilock Psionics Training and Technology!

Alleviate problems. Dispel anxiety. Literally ‘dissolve’ your troubles away! All possible with Vrilock psionics training and psionics technology!

📺 In our recent psionics training and psionics technology video, Herr Doktor Vrilock gave us a simple mantra and meditation for releasing anxieties and letting go of troubles on the subtle energy level, and we used simple mental focus to accomplish this! If you have yet to view this free video demonstration of the let-go mantra, then view it here!>>

Now then, in this article we delve into the realm of mentalism; a philosophy of balance between cosmic poles in any scale. The scope of this article, however, is going to cover much more psionics training, rather than to reiterate occult philosophy. So, let us begin with the territory we’ll cover in psionics technology and its applications for magick.

Psionic Power works for both the physical and circumstantial conditions in life. These include working on prospects, bending circumstances, Transmutation of physical reality, and remote influence to include a global scope and scale. There are a number of principles which apply to all of these pursuits, ordinarily, naturally, and by ultimate cosmic law. But, you want peace of mind, and you deserve the tranquility which comes with having a focused path to success. Yet, for every up there is a down; for every high, a low; for every strength, a weakness. As to the latter, my former mentor once instructed me in a series of exercises to attempt over a period of months. It took me a year to complete all exercises to my satisfaction. In the course of this training my mentor parted wisdom to me in saying: “Sometimes your strengths and weaknesses are one-in-the-same.” Nothing could be more true, particularly in the occult teachings. All things are perceived as being part of the same scale, but at different degrees of position from either polarity along that spectrum of material reality.

After watching my video, and giving the mantra a go, it is time to pursue your own manifestations via psionics training and psionics technology. Perhaps, however, all you need is psychometrics—passing information to objects by touch. To accomplish this you will need only a prayer board. Vrilock’s Miraculous Prayer Board Mini is the only instrument that most people will ever need for defense, influence, manifestation, and well-being meditation.

With psionics training there is no need for ritualism or ceremonial magick. Not that you cannot blend the two schools of thought, but rather that you will not be required to do any rituals. But, perhaps this all is rather fast paced and confusing to some readers. And for this I offer the ultimate solution: My beginner’s book ‘Keep The Magick High!’.

📚For a limited time only you can grab yourself a copy of the classic beginner’s paperback ‘Keep The Magick High!’ And own the psionic power as you live the magical lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about! Remove confusion about terms like radionics, psychotronics, psionics, and witchcraft! All in this book that will get you started on your journey to becoming an adept in the occult power! Go to to get the psionics books, video courses, and multimedia that you need to Keep The Magick High!!

📺 Watch Vrilock Television here! >>

When you enter into the magical lifestyle you will have all that you need with Vrilock Psionics training. Life is good because you are in control with psionics! So, join us at! Where witches and wizards Keep The Magick High! ™


Tom Vrilock. Dr. H.c. Psychotronics, Meditation, Technical Authoring

P.S. “Keep The Magick High! Instant Manifestation w/ Psionics Master Herr Doktor Vrilock!“ ™ Join the Vrilock Club at


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