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How to: Successful Evocation with the Gus-5-key Magick Amplifier...

One of the keys to succeeding with the Gus-5-key (a money manifestation circle) in the free Vrilock e-book ‘Solving Money Problems/ Issues with Psionics’ (SMPWP Hi-Lo Series) is the artificer’s methodology of crafting constructs and fashioning servitors. Right off the bat this sounds like fun. It is. And all that is required is the coherency in the quality of the thoughts going into the work on a construct or magical creature; For those of you new to constructs and magical creatures, I might explain this in a little more detail.

Vrilock Psionics Training Money Manifestation eBook

Constructs and servitors are both creations in the invisible realms of magick. However, the distinguishing attributes of these creations is a difference between animate and inanimate objects. Constructs are more like tools, instruments, or extensions of the operator; Whereas, servitors in the form of magical creatures are animate forms such as living creatures, animals, or ghostly forms of persons. Both crafts require a degree of visualization, energy charge, and purpose.

The purpose is typically declared in the instruction or commands given to the construct or servitor. There are, however, more complex and dynamic servitors which can be fashioned through Vrilock’s methods in induction, tethering, and splicing. For beginners we recommend working through the audiobooks which will guide you through the processes of creation as you listen.

What do these servitors and constructs do? 

Just about anything you can imagine a servitor doing it can do it. Your creatures will always obey your commands, following the design given to them, and fulfill their task depending upon the energy required ordinarily, and the circumstances which may present resistance to the work. But do not worry… If you are in the Vrilock Psionics Training Insiders Club then you have access to at least 5 years of content, including audio lectures, video presentations, and multiple club exclusive pages, archives, and a club member discount store. The messaging system in the club is answered at least within 3 business days, but typically Vrilock and Team answer your questions about content within the same day.

Herr Doktor Vrilock invites you to join the club and Keep The Magick High! ™

To your success!


P.S. This December when you join the Vrilock Insiders Club you will purchase the VMX Drive total Vrilock video and audiobook experience for 50% off the public cost!!! Merry Christmas!


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