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'Psionic Reality': A New Terminology for Web3?

MR & VR Meet ‘Psionic Reality’!

So, as you may have seen on Twitter I declared that I have coined the terms ‘Thought Reality’ and ‘Psionics Reality’ as pertaining to the world of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. I will explain this in finer detail here.

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Firstly, I believe that virtual reality and augmented reality (albeit, even artificial intelligence, AI) will be the training wheels for something grander in scope and scale: Mind over Matter. I call this type of reality ‘Thought Reality’ and ‘Psionic Reality’. The concept of what is distinguishably separate from our own thoughts and the material world may one day become inconceivable, or even irrelevant. Thus, the term ‘thought reality’ applies to such a future world. The relationship to our machines may become so intertwined with our psyche that what is our mind and what is machine mind may likewise become indistinguishable; irrelevant. Thus, the term ‘Psionic Reality’ applies to such a realm that is entirely the potential for our near future.

The various components of web3, the spatial web, virtual worlds, and artificial intelligence are now our modern instruments for working the will and intelligence of an individual to make changes to conformity in nature. Each component of the convergence of web 3 must be dovetailed to every other component - until there are no separate parts to the whole. And the mind of the individual will be able to perceive the totality of a species effort and evolution of thousands of years to now.

If you believe that this psionic reality is impossible I beg to differ. Keep in mind that underlying all things in physics is the undefinable ‘vibration’, expressed in an ocean of frequencies, and bridging the metaphorical continents populating this ocean of frequency by varying resonances. If the human eye can see only the low level vibrations, and yet x-rays having been discovered by imagination and proven by scientific instrumentation, then is it not possible that all which remains for us to experience the many vibrations (realities) is to build the organ which can facilitate or receive these vibrations?

Might that organ be… artificial? To make the ordinarily tenuous signals of these vibrations detectable I suggest that an ‘intelligent’ artificial organ might be conceivable. The ‘experiences’ as they are called in AR/ VR/ MR would be made possible by means of MMI and BCI advances; However, also a solid study of mind and metaphysics can reveal the necessary missing components to this god-like construct which would be created as a new faculty further opening our senses and altering our limited perceptions of existence, reality, the world, and our technologies, and our civilization as a whole.

Until such time we remain fragmented. But, because the answer to world peace and global responsibility, and inclusiveness remains in our peripheral vision, the solution likewise just within arms reach remains elusive to humanity.

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