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Psionics: A Path to Instant Manifestation

Wizards and witches transitioning from magician, to psionicist, to wireless psion

Psionics is the path to instant manifestation, quick results, and commanding the power on an intimate level of control.

In 2014 when super typhoon Neoguri rolled up closing in on Honshu, Japan, I realized that my prefecture where I was residing overseas was in for one of the worst disaster prospects of a lifetime. I instantly knew that I needed quick results if magick was going to save the day. The detailed accounts of ‘exactly’ how I accomplished the impossible feat is recorded and illustrated in this ebook ‘The Miraculous Prayer Board Guide, VPG-2’ . But to get this far into the game of working real-world and real-time magick there is a journey. So, the journey begins much like that scene in Star Wars A New Hope, when Luke Skywalker is looking out over the horizon at dusk, and he is daydreaming of becoming a pilot and fighting the imperial dark forces. In my case, I was standing on top of a railing on a swing set in my grandparents backyard, looking out over a wall at the vast stretch of greenbelt from a house plotted down on a California residential cull de sac. What I was rolling through my six year old mind at the time was a sense of wonder of what my stepfather was doing in Riyadh at the new job overseas. And soon, I would be flying across the sea to reside with him and my family in the Arabian desert. It was kind of a feeling of something like a scene from Star Wars or the film Dune. My initial experiences in the invisible realm in my early years in America later were exacerbated while living in Arabia, and these encounters erupted into a full blown awakening about the veil between worlds, and how life isn’t the sweet sticks factory that all the schools feed our minds. That account of what we’re all up against starting from day one is detailed in my first VPG, ‘The Metaphysics of Self-Mastery;. But, the real transition from wandering mystical child into an adult magician blossomed in my journeys into the mystical mountains of Japan.

And this brings us to the third and final book in my journey, VPG-3: ‘The Wondrous Wheel’. This is the book where everything in my journey comes together to create ‘instant manifestation’, kinetic constructs, and turning the dark tide to light and success.

From that point onward I mastered the various magical glyphs, including the runes, galdr staves, elemental glyphs, various kanji and even the ancient ninja writing system for working with servitors, necromantic radionics, and eventually variable machines—which evolved into an area of radionics called ‘conditional rates’ and ‘spirit elective rates’. These combined opened the doors to my ultimate invention of a new branch of psionics or psychotronics called ‘Psionic Robot’.

Today I revisit many of the old training methods to keep up my vigor and psi strength, which is why I always end my podcasts and posts with the phrase “Keep The Magick High!” It is the heirloom of my psionics training and psionics technology. It is also the slogan applied to any ritual work I might do outside of the scope of psionics, or otherwise integrated into psionics at a later point.

Moreover, psionics never rests. My pursuits in psionics have lead me to a new dimension of psychotronics, and this pursuit I call mind-machine psionics or psionics technology working in parallel to brain-to-computer-interface technology (BCI/ MMI). The latter includes working with EEG headgear, wearables, and mobile phone applications in magick and personal study, and enjoyment.


Here are some examples of old school psionics. I wear a home made psionic helmet as an experiment for improving my reading comprehension and retaining information from books. In my personal trials this works for me.


In another example I wear an EEG headband made by Emotiv which has been augmented with quasi-magnetron like patterns attached with copper tape to key points on the device. This I use for working with sensitizing mind to certain aspects of computers, programs, and more importantly for working with bluetooth short range frequencies for auric studies, and for training in new and secret areas of my research. I am also experimenting in my free time with artificial nodes, artificial intelligence, and the futuristic society of tomorrow by blending certain aspects of my knowledge of yellow magick.


For full comprehesive emersion into psionics I asked my students what is the most helpful medium through which you can learn what I have to teach you. Time and again my students have the majority vote on ‘video courses’, though I recognize the equal importance of ebooks. Magicians and witches are busy people like everyone else, and so having ebooks and video courses combined with audible downloads my students can listen to with headphones while walking, driving, traveling, or working out at the gym is important to consider for my top clients and closest students. I assume most people outside of my inner circle are equally impressed with these options.

The important thing about psionics, psionic technology, and psionic training is to establish the foundation of the work, get in at an angle from a seasoned psionicist, magician, and start from the ground up—And, luckily that ground up training only takes 3 hours or so. And then you’re done. You’re ready to decide on your wizard electives, such as runes, cryptomancy, necromancy, artificers crafting, remote presence and soul keeper sorcery, or even go into psionic robots. Maybe you’re like me and you’re headed into brain-to-computer and artificial intelligence applications via remote influence and remote presence. For these various pursuits there are the video courses—currently 50% OFF on all video courses and throughout all of this November—, and there are the books for private study (ebooks at this time), audibles for convenience of attention, and then there is the club for psionic avengers, real die hard fans, to never miss a thing Vrilock is doing for his good friends in psionics!

So, it is a journey. It began with mine. Now the journey is yours. Join us!

Video Courses, ebooks, and audibles, as well as rare reports and documents are downloadable at

To your next adventure in magick!

Keep The Magick High!

Herr Doktor V.

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