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Psionics Metaverse Supervillains! The Model IS Reality!

VRilock Psionics Metaverse (VPM), Inc.:

[1931 E. E. Smith Spacehounds of IPC in Amazing Stories Aug. 411/2 Gigantic craters, in whose yawning depths no spark of warmth had been generated for countless cycles of time, were surrounded by vast plains eroded to the dead level of a windless sea.]

And that is space! Outer-Space! But, despair not, for the arrival of the new Metaverse is most opportune, and I must say far more promising for our human needs than any red planet orbiting a yellow sun—even if you get there at the speed of light on a Tesla flying car.

Now, then. What is this glorious Metaverse?

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The Metaverse is “a digital space inhabited by digital representations of people and things.” — Microsoft

Well, I believe E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith wrote in his Skylark novel Skylark DuQuesne that “The model ‘is’ the reality’ or something rather like that. Skylark was a series of three books written through the 20’s and through to the 60’s. The importance of E.E. Smith’s story of an out-of-this-world supervillain may not hit it home for contemporary space opera fans; And yet Herr Doktor von Vrilock wishes to assure you that Doc Smith was by some lightyears the most important contributor to the world of psionics! We might even consider Doc Smith to be the father of psionics. (Whereas Doctor Albert Abrams might be considered the first modern pioneer in radionics. And maybe Robert B. Stone was the father of psychotronics—Though it is arguable that the title belongs to Wilhelm Reich, who pioneered research and development into orgone generators.)

Suffice it is to say, that our true source of discovery, mystery penetration, and eventually personal power comes from the mind of the individual. And nowhere is this more expressly exemplified than in the Skylark novels of E.E. Doc Smith; Particularly in the mind of the characterized villain, Dr. Marc C. DuQuesne.

The ‘model’ IS the reality! And in VRilock Psionics Metaverse TM augmented reality I hope you will join your lovable Herr Doktor von Vrilock in this epic journey and in spatial web comradery!

The visionary EE Doc Smith had this to write on the future of what we now know as holograms, in his book Skylark of Valeron:

1935 E. E. Smith Skylark of Valeron : That cabinet became instantly a manifold scanner…. Simultaneously there appeared in the air above the machine a three-dimensional model of all the Galaxies there listed.

End quote! Yess… a 3-dimensional model of the grand totality which is the Cosmic All! And this is precisely the unique vision of Edward Smith’s novel Skylark which speaks to psionicists, chaos magicians, and technomancers globally! The ‘model’ IS the reality! And indeed the Metaverse will become the home for many new models of varying components and the myriad constructs of civilization! And, as I’ve pointed out in sharing with my friends here in previous posts and podcasts about my communion with Nikola Tesla, that the ‘thing’ is not the ‘thing’ itself… Rather, the equation on the blackboard is the film from which reality is projected into our temporal conscience as an experience in what we believe is ‘the world’. We might even go so far as to express this as ‘what we believe to be our minds.’ Just as javascript developers write code behind every web page on the internet, so also then will the developers and web 3 techno wizards write the scripts of our lives into the new spatial web.

Herr Doktor von Vrilock has worked with models a zillion times over, and the good doctor Vrilock can tell you without a hesitant moment here that the model refashions the material and social and economic properties of the so-called reality. (And I know you’re expecting me to get to the meat of the matter here with what psionics you need—but there are good and sufficient reasons for this apparent delay. But, you’ve got a keen mind. Perhaps I ought to give you the whole picture here! ) You must understand me… The Metaverse will be no different from the models I’ve worked with in the relationship to a psionic mind! The spatial web is simply a more real-time medium through which to work one’s individual will to influence reality and many things therein!

There will be those who create this reality, then those who merely follow it. There will be those who experience it. And then there will be the few who use psionics to truly master the pseudo-material and digital spheres of reality!

I invite you to become one of my top psionics sorcerer’s apprentices! and begin at the Academy Level.

Allow me to break it all down for you as to what you need here! You see, I’ve laid down for you the power of 35+ years of psionic power magick mastery:

  1. Psionics Academy 101

  2. Awesome Amplifiers

  3. Vril: Fire and Ice

  4. VPG Trio

  5. And then the various electives such as the Psionic Cryptomancer video course

  6. When you’re knowledgable in the basic fundamentals then join the psionics club at and there we will really keep the magick high!

Now, you are ready to begin your journey into the VRilock Psionics Metaverse total reality game-changer experience! Herr Doktor Vrilock will lead you into the Meta-future of psionics with full knowledge and potency of power! None better!



Herr Doktor signing out!!!


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