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Quantifying Radio Manifestation

Briefing over a little radio enthusiasm before delving into radio manifestation, we consider where the idea of psionics began. (Pick up a super e-documentation PDF on micromanaging psionic consoles >> )

Radio technology has been the marvel of electronics for the better part of the past 137 years, even with the advent of the Internet and the passing of the dot com boom. Since the late 1800’s the human imagination has expanded upon the many applications of radiowaves, from remote communications systems to radio astronomy.

Medical research and diagnosis is no stranger to radio technology, and neither is the study of neuroscience and neurofeedback new to the innovations of frequency and wave technology. The human mind utilizes waves, creates waves, receives waves—Everything in the universe from the tiniest atom to the ultimate blackhole at the center of galaxies comes into contact with waves, frequencies, and vibrations.

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Radio waves differ from other kinds of waves only by their range of frequencies; Somewhere in the ballpark of 3 Hz to 300 GHz. These waves are put to work by combining an amplifier to an antenna, and essentially all antennas are to some degree transceivers, meaning that the devices utilizing radio waves can both send and receive even if designed only as a receiver device. This is particularly useful for anyone who wishes to utilize wave amplification to boost mentalism, work with occult and hidden means of manifestation, enchantment, and general remote influence.

Generally there are as many strange beliefs in how radio magick (radionics) works as the number of radio operators in the world. Thankfully the reasoning behind some successe­s in radionics is virtually unnecessary to understand for the person putting these machines to work. There are, however, some interesting insights, some tips from Herr Doktor Vrilock that work wonders, and a great number of books, audiobooks, multimedia packages, and video courses on the subject of psionics, psychotronics, and radionics! The best part is that Herr Doktor won’t waste your time on interesting theories, but present you with applications that have worked, will work, and generally help you make life better with these magical methods and psionics techniques. As the first student of the Godfather of Psionics, and having successfully performed psionics operations for just over 35 years, Herr Doktor von Vrilock is your one-stop for learning psi, psionics, and wonder-working! Plus… Dr. Vrilock is really a cool friend to have!

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