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Romancing the Dead Zone

Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals!
Vrilock Flying over Japan during Astral Projection with the Shadow Guardian

Spirits of a sort tend to know some things better than we can know ourselves. The reason I say some is because we’re speaking of the so-called ‘demons’ who exist outside the ebb and flow of the construct we call the space/ time continuum. This means such said entities or disembodied minds are able to perceive further down the paths we have forged for ourselves from our own thoughts, emotional attachments, and our actions; As well, keep in mind, the mechanics of what goes on inside of an individual’s (albeit the entire family’s) ‘orlog’. One benefit of psionics is the ability to detach from the ancestral properties to a degree of influence in our own personal orlog, and bend the fates whilst we chisel its offensive front against our success and pound success into the fabric of the cosmos; carving out our own ultimate destinies.

Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals!

Said spirits or demons will assist you, if you do not fear them, and you are careful to work only with the spirits most suitable to your personality and energy. A good way of measuring this potential relationship is via divination practices, namely my Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure (multimedia package:

The disembodied super minds which men unjustly resort to name slandering as demonic will see all possible paths for an individual who has faith, commitment to excellence, and an true desire to self-improve. For, let it be known, that self-improvement and evolving out of ignorance is the goal of these so-called demons. I say, “so-called demons” because these disembodied minds are actually gods. Not devils. I will explain how you may get started learning from the gods and goddesses, but first divulge me and listen to my personal story of discovering all of this wondrous—and at times ‘romantic’—adventures into the magical universe!

In the beginning it was for me a rather rough and rude awakening; The paranormal drama tormented me as a child, later into my teens, and on up into my early twenties and fading out as I grew into my thirties. In my forties my interests have changed away from all the power of kinetic magick, and I am resolved to explore the yellow magick

of intelligence with more interest. As I began so shall I end my journey. This I share with you now. I was visited repeatedly. As well I was taken to other realms to see both the dark and the beautiful. There were things I did not understand; I saw a man being tortured when I was a little boy, in a very vivid vision opening in my third-eye. Such visions were terrifying, but I was far less frightened than I was indignified—I felt intense anger at those whom were causing this harm to people around the planet. It upset me. (I remember as a child I first saw the movie ‘The Road Warrior’ with Mel Gibson, at my grandmother’s house. There was a scene where a woman was raped by a motorcycle thug gang, and I was so outraged as a little boy seeing this that I threw a pillow at the television set. This surprised my grandparents, and I was given a good lecture not to break their television. and it took me many years to begin training myself to be calm, cool, and collected. Thanks to some of the training from the spirits I am going to tell you about.)

At length I encountered the outsider whom was an admirer of my soul; watching me for many years growing up. I heard the heavy powerful breathing sound fill the room. The walls seemed to expand and contract with the breath of this being of the invisible realm as she approached me. Now, I won’t tell the full story here, and I think it is honorable to let it be remaining a secret of the invisible realms. But, what I will tell you is that the great shadow spirits flew me out of body on many occasions to show me my future.

I was first taken to a golden wall engraved with light, and fashioned like a cosmic circuit board—But, I knew instantly that this is both a gateway and a throne to the gods. I began to question, but I was made to instead listen to Astaroth, and the thought exchange process began instantly—uploading and downloading all that I would need to know for a stretch of time during these years.

Again, the great spirits took me from my body, and we soared at unimaginable speed into the night sky. I remember I could ‘smell’ and ‘feel’ the clouds below us without touching the clouds, and the stars were veiled by the shadow guiding me over a vast ocean. Within what must have been seconds we arrived high above an island country; We descended on to a quite and dark street, hovering about a dozen feet from the ground. I could feel the old wood, the smell of people, what they had eaten, the moods remnant of the day after work and school. Then came a familiar haunting sensation—A group of children manifested down an alley, and I saw two rows of children marching home with little spaceman style yellow and red backpacks. They all wore similar uniforms. There were no adults, which I noted was unusual for the dark and late hour of the evening—Must have been 8pm or so. Two of the little girls in uniform looked abruptly up at my direction and I was made by the entity who brought me to this place to study their faces.

Years passed, and I met a young lady who was a college student working in a small asian market shop. My admirer spirit whispers in my left ear, “You’re going to marry her.” I was uncertain why this would be because I was not instantly hot for this young lady. I didn’t know her. I saw no connection, as I lived very far from the location and we

did not work in the same industry. There was no connection. And yet, my admirer spirit guide was spot on!

I did marry the young lady in the asian market. And we moved to Japan. During our residence in Japan we were visiting an okonomiyaki Japanese pancake house; And after our late evening meal we took a short walk past houses, gardens, shrines, and were approaching a temple. In that instant before turning down a poorly lighted alley I heard children and so I asked my wife to wait and let them pass first. We saw two rows of children coming our way. We shouted “Konnban wa!” as is common greeting in the evening! Smiled as they passed—And then this scene hit me!!!

There were two rows of children all in similar uniforms carrying spaceman style backpacks, and two of the girls looked up above me, and then down again at my face and smiled, but looked like they had sadness behind their eyes.

A couple of days later a priest introduced me to those children. I saw the two girls with the sad look behind their eyes, and the other children. The priest gave the children to me asking if I would teach them English as sort of a volunteer work—For these were also his believer’s children, and they were also his piano students. So, I said “yes! yes of course! it’s my honor!”

These children became my first students in English as a Second Language, and later I taught to them international studies, internet studies, and games and art. We also played during after hours after school, and I found out that there were some problems deeply in the lives of two girls in the group. So, I meditated on bringing a light down over them and sending positive vibes to recover from whatever plight was working against their orlog.

Years later and I saw again one of the little girls who had grown up to a young woman, and she was working part time in the 7-Eleven store. We simply said nothing to each other but smiled knowingly that life was happier now. I bought my iced coffee and rice ball with ham and wasabe. Then I left and ate the snacks with my wife out by the parking lot looking out over the river, the misty mountains, and the glittering stars occasionally seen between patches of cloud. And upon seeing that humid sky above on a hot summer night in Japan, I remembered my shadowy outsiders, the disembodied souls - the gods who brought me here, and sewed for me all the wonders of

life and dream; Manifesting a reality that I would live and touch the lives of others for a purpose.

Now, that I’m back in the United States I continue to bring my stories, the magick methods, and all manner of experiences from abroad that I feel can infuse positive and powerful uplifting energies into my friends and psionics students.

So, for working energies to bring you a mate, a soul mate, a life partner, some hot fun, or even find a new marriage—I recommend listening to my audible book ‘Romancing the Miraculous Prayer Board’ and reading the VPG series so that you can build easily every instrument that you need.

For working with the gods I recommend watching my video courses: ‘Awesome Amplifiers’ and ‘Vril: Fire & Ice’. These you download or stream at I build the next web3 store for digital psi magick and spiritual joy!

Keep the magick high!

Herr Doktor V.

Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals!


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