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Qi Gung, Reiki, & Miraculous Prayer Board Auction, and a Dowsing Kit Launched!

Qi Gung, Reiki, & Miraculous Prayer Board Auction, and a Dowsing Kit Launched to send good vibes around the planet!

The Miraculous Prayer Board Mini is like a wishing machine immortalized in 2 dimensional art, crafted by psychometric infusion; and then blessed with great spiritual compassion.

In this current auctioning kit is included a magical sack for storing the charge of the prayer board and its magick blessings in the yellow intelligence magick frequency, and sealed in a golden light of spiritual mental protection.

An operator's manual details the use and operation of the Miraculous Prayer Board Mini; Including how to work with sigils, pentacles, and other metaphysical components, including the use of crystals (such as Reiki palm crystals) in conjunction with the psychometry and psychometric infusion properties of this balanced sacred geometry--infused into a miracles working instrument!

Place a bid to champion the prayer board combo! >>

Check out Mewan's personal prayer board arrangement he set up at home to work with Qi Gung and Reiki methods!

Prayer boards are not only psychometry instruments, but are also used as focus components in spiritual pursuits, including spiritual well-being, remote harmony influence, and adjurations in magick. The photograph depicts a prayer board mounted to a wall in the office space of Mewan, a friend in Japan who works with Tom Vrilock's Miraculous Prayer Board in operations involving Qi Gung and Reiki!

This is a balanced and sacred geometry initially crafted into an instrument for protection against super typhoons by Tom Vrilock, Dr. H.c., headmaster of the Psionic Brotherhood, a school of applied mentalism and psionics.


For those seeking intelligence magick and dowsing, Wrilock is selling a limited dowsing kit featuring a 3-sided pyramid chain pendulum, engraved with power glyphs, hardcover charts book, and a paperback printed with all the details of chthonic magick, dowsing, psychometry, and sigils magick.

Place your order before these kits are gone! >>

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