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Vrilock Will Create a New Era of the Neurofeedback Industry with Psionics!

Vrilock will be the example of great leadership direly needed in the new world of web 3, IoT, and the ultimate freedom that comes with psionics intertwined with these technologies. Vrilock Will Create a New Era of the Neurofeedback Industry with Psionics!

Our aim is to treat bad habits of dwelling, brooding over failure, losing focus, anxiety, and depression! Those students in the psionics club already have access to mental and magical disciplines for combating all manner of setbacks in life. However, to go to full commercial market Vrilock and Team will develop a series of powerful instruments to help those who have not had this marvelous opportunity to train up in psionics!

How is my innovation different from existing and preferred treatment or technology?

In their article “The Current Evidence Levels for Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Interventions in Treating Depression: A Narrative Review” - Mikhail Ye. Melnikov corresponding author, the writers at length point to the real crux of the matter: a need for more coherency across myriad studies in neurofeedback to combat depression.

The problem to be resolved is effective leadership across all emerging technologies, and greater insight for the interconnectivity of humans with machines (including the privacy for individuals using these technologies). Vrilock being a master of teaching the empirical, subjective, and objective realities will bring to the world a new era of psionics as a science; though we will never completely sever psionics from its origin deeply rooted in the occult and magick. Rather than obscure the magical world in order to be fashionably acceptable, we will drive results! Repeatable results!!! (Already, our students who have learned dowsing can decide well in advance between which doctors to visit, where to buy their next car, house, or find better deals on just about anything on the planet! And that’s no dubious cantrip! I’m talking about saving time, money—and gas driving or shopping around! Psionic dowsing saves you! My developments in new web 3 technology will aid in dowsing for persons not accustomed to utilizing a pendulum and charts.)

This new era of technological mentalism and human prosperity begins with effective and strong leadership! I will provide great leadership that is direly needed. Read our reviews!

Whilst we work to fund the development of the new Vrilock Psionics Initiative, our loyal advocates will raise the banner of awareness by sharing our not-so-humble homepage with their friends and the world!

To be a top of the line supporter (and earn my favor when we come to full fruition in this venture) join our Insiders Club at as a paid patron and proud club member among fellow magicians, witches, and wizards!

Keep The Magick High! ™


Pardon the commercial, but we're running low on kits! Last chance to grab this limited collector's edition Dowsing Kit! Custom Vrilock Brand Tri-Glyph Pyramid Pendulum, sack, Hardcover Dowsing Charts Book, and Psionic Necromancer Paperback limited original print! All-in-one fell swoop! and KEEP THE MAGICK HIGH!

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