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Learning psionics is easy with the Vrilock Psionics Technology and Training Network! Here you will find books for beginners, intermediate, and advanced magicians, witches, wizards, and students of metaphysics! 

Recommended starting point for beginners is to read the ebook: 'Keep The Magick High!' This ebook outlines the magical terms, lifestyle, philosophy, and methodology of everything from meditation to psychotronics!

The author is the first student of the master of psionics, C.W. Cosimano. As an advanced technical author these books, audiobooks, videos, and multimedia contents have been developed for all levels of students to easily understand. 

For in-depth training and fun content join our club at where witches and wizards Keep The Magick High!


A numeronym is a means of shortening the length of letters in a word or phrase. Using this method you will free up the right hemisphere of the brain to transmit a magick wish into the ether by borrowing magick from the digital landscape. Think of a wish. Write it short and sweet in the text box. Click on the convert button to generate your numeronym. Focus on your alphanumeric pattern with your meditation, prayer board, or radionics! Use the timer to see how long you can focus on one magick pattern.
Vrilock Multimedia Experience (VMX) Drive is your all-in-one psychotronic unit for mastering your destiny and projecting influence to the world!
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Arcane Repository: The Vril Vault! #marketing #occult #business #money #magick #keepthemagickhigh
Herr Doktor Vrilock

Arcane Repository: The Vril Vault! #marketing #occult #business #money #magick #keepthemagickhigh

Arcane Repository: The Vril Vault! #marketing #occult #business #money #magick #keepthemagickhigh

Mind Over Markets! #keepthemagickhigh #money #occult #markets

Is the #Occult Sinister or Enlightening? #keepthemagickhigh #psionics

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