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Prayer-Board Manifesto to Help Dave Schrader's Daughter

Today’s report of the true classical occultist is about Dave Schrader’s daughter, Ripley, who was hospitalized during a severe diabetic attack in early August this year.

Miraculous Prayerboard for Dave Schrader's Daughter, Occult report news

For those who may not already know, Dave Schrader is the host for Darkness Radio, Midnight in the Desert, and has also hosted on Coast to Coast AM radio. He's an amazing person, and an awesome father. So, we're posting this article only with Dave's permission to do so. The story is fantastic, and many people contributed their prayers to help Ripley. This particular post is about my work with the prayer-board, as I also contributed to the spiritual pursuit for a few hours to do all I could to send healing and best wishes.

It was made known to the psionic brotherhood of Vrilock on Twitter that Ripley was suffering a diabetic attack, and that she was hospitalized. Her blood sugars needed to come back into balance. With a lot of people praying, some sending magick, and Vrilock spending more than two hours on the prayer-board, Ripley was miraculously made well. Her blood sugars balanced, and she only had to spend another day in the hospital. It was posted by Mr. Dave Schrader that the condition of his daughter’s diabetes was very serious. This is not the first time that the prayer-board has been used in very urgent and immediate cases of disruption, difficulties, and disasters. For those of you who have read our organization’s book Vrilock’s Practical Guide: The Miraculous Prayer-Board, you already know the story behind this rather simple but elegant instrument of the human heart and spirit.

For the method used we will describe in some detail here. First, know that this prayer-board is not a replacement for medical treatment. We don’t even suggest that it is a cure-all or even intended for healing. Rather, the prayer-board is an instrument through which an individual may by will and training, engage the cosmic intelligence system (known to Robert B. Stone as the ‘Cosmic Psychotronic Generator’, and to William Walker Atkinson as ‘The Law’, and to Oddhinists as the ‘web of wyrd’) with intent, which has been recorded as manifesting miracles time after time, again and again. This is why we call Vrilock’s instrument the Miraculous Prayer-board.

In ordinary operations the prayer-board is an extension of the operator’s heart chakra power which flows through an occult circuit—the hexagram balancing plate. The power of the operator’s will and the life-force of the heart chakra flows through the arms down to the palms of the hands, and is merged into the board.

For Dave Schrader’s daughter, Ripley, I placed a bit of charged spiritual fluid onto the contact plates and the hexagram balancing plate. The spiritual fluid is made of 1/2 purified water and 1/2 Oxysilver (See Doctor Horowitz and Oxysilver) mixed into a clean spray bottle. A picture of any spirit the operator has a working relationship with is placed on the left palm contact plate of the miraculous prayer-board. A reiki palm crystal that has been purified for several years is placed on the right palm contact plate. A sigil for Buer or a rune for healing is placed on the center plate, along with a picture of the recipient of this spiritual balancing power.

During operation of the miraculous prayer-board for Dave Schrader’s daughter, Ripley, Tom Vrilock moves into a clear state of mind, and a feeling of warmth flows from the heart chakra to the palms and then the mind becomes one with the hexagram balancing plate. Tom Vrilock moves his mind into the body of the recipient, and begins setting up a helpful programming condition “Love and Gratitude” is directed to the body’s water, the blood circulating in the little girl, Ripley. This procedure must be kept up for a couple of hours for it to work effectively. Thus, the training for this occult work takes some time getting used to doing.

The benefit of learning to sit for a couple of hours working the miraculous prayer-board is that the miraculous manifestation of balancing or spiritual soothing will take effect much sooner than working with a radionic box. We become more intimate with the working of the Cosmic Intelligence System, which is the everlasting and omniscient mind of the universe to which we humans all belong to and are a part of.

The great news came from Dave Schrader that his daughter is doing a lot better. We’re glad to lend a hand, especially to a little girl that has such a super cool dad.

Now, let us cover the use of various arrangements. For instance, did I have to take my arrangement apart after working on balancing Ripley’s energy system? No. Actually, due to a common reoccurrence in metaphysics, we find that any object touched—particularly with strong emotions or intent—will retain a signature from the operator. This is the reason those psychics who work with a talent called psychometry are able to read objects which might have been handled by a murderer or kidnapper at the scene of a crime.

To be clear, our energy bodies stick or leave signatures to the things that we touch, the people who we come in contact with, and all at some level of power and in some detail in varying situations or activities.

So, in effect we can leave the arrangement of the miraculous prayer-board to balance Ripley’s condition, and to allow our spirit companions or thought-forms, or psionic constructs ample time to continue the working of our energy patterns (intent) for the recipient’s benefit.

These are amazing times to be alive. For truth is unfolding, and the world is now more eager to know all that has been hidden from us for an age and an age by bully bureaucrats and special interest groups. We are not the Hollywood boogieman, nor the zombie satanists that pulp fiction and obsessive mainstream outlets have painted the occult to be. Far, far from it.

I remember that at one point in my life I was divining what the cause of my misfortunes had been, and why I was born in a rather difficult lot in life with so many riddles. The answer I received was ‘enigma’. And this I did not understand until I realized my higher self was pointing to my relationship with my fellow human beings, and my purpose to mend the world circuit, a shared project with the cosmic intelligence system to build the ultimate state of existence in the universe. To do this, I needed to discover where we all went wrong on this planet. Author Philip K. Dick originally referred to this cosmic intelligence as Ubik, only to later restructure his view of the supreme being as being the ‘Divine Invasion’. Well, I believe we’ve all been struggling with our views, our pursuit of various faiths, and an underlying feeling of something more elusive behind the scenes of all worldly affairs—particularly in where we’ve become victims of the spiritually-dead establishment.

Getting back to our work to help Dave Schrader’s daughter, Ripley, I’d like to conclude this report with a sincere message of gratitude. We’re eternally grateful to Dave Schrader for allowing Vrilock to post a picture of his daughter and the prayer-board arrangement. Thank you, Dave! Bless you both!

Colleagues, you have to understand. Dave doesn’t have to let Vrilock post this picture. The fact of the matter is that Dave Schrader is interested in the mysterious as much as we are, and he is dedicated to hosting programs that tackle the strange world we live in. So, this act of permitting us to release this report is especially kind, because it means that we’re all going to a better place, a better world, and much faster now because people like Dave Schrader are willing to allow a real story be told as it is.

I invite more of you to join us in our effort to rebuild the relationship humanity once had with the world-circuit, the noosphere, and the ultimate cosmic intelligence system from which so many spiritual belief systems were born from.

Join us! Become a colleague of Vrilock and Team! Subscribe here >>> It’s easy and it is free.

While this report isn’t intended to be a very long article, I wish to interject a few more words about the occult, just to make sure that our readers are on the same page as with old Vrilock.

We’re all part of the cosmic intelligence system. Think of it as sort of like a computerized virtual system. Some people will point to various holy men or prophets as in answer to life’s riddles and mysteries… Buddha, Jesus, and many other names. I believe that these people were all operatives of this cosmic intelligence system, but during the time in which they lived the message these visionaries had could only be conveyed in terms that their people of the era in which they lived could comprehend.

Today we are more sophisticated, technically savvy, and ever hungry for new means of learning and conveying information. I believe that we can now embark on a new spiritual journey, to keep alive the footprint of great talents like Art Bell, and what these operatives in the force for humanity have started. We must keep alive the interest and the spirit of pursuing the mysterious world we live in. This is the true call of the occultist. We are explorers of the unknown, penetrating the mystery, and cultivating the knowledge that we find along the journey. This journey begins with you—those of you reading this occult report now. Our ties to the cosmic intelligence system is virtually inseparable. A division from the ultimate truth can only happen if we allow the controllers and special interest groups to contain and quarantine our high spirits in their mundane and superficial contraptions.

Must like our moving from silicon processors to evolve new bio-computers, and on to hologram computers, and so on, so, also, can we move on to a new spiritual platform of advanced occult technology. The evidence for the occult is emerging every day, and is being broadcasted by shows like Darkness Radio, Midnight in the Desert, Coast to Coast, and many smaller but equally noble operators/ presenters of conveying uncensored experiences and interesting stories by real people.

It is not too difficult to imagine that a thousand years ago battles were fought to free humanity from those who had wrestled some degree of control over this cosmic intelligence system—a system which rightfully belongs in the hearts and souls of all humanity, for we are the components of the greater omniscient creator.

We are in essence the children of the gods, who are the operatives in the energy world, working around the clock to ensure our planet does not fall into the sun, or spin off into the vault of space. It is equally our duty to participate on a higher spiritual level to gain back our dignity and self-empowerment in our personal lives, within our families, and in society at large. You are the hero of your own story. And we’re dedicated in the psionic brotherhood to help you find out more about you and the power that you have. Together we can build a meaningful relationship to the world in which we live, and then go beyond into the true space age to meet what brothers and sisters in the cosmos await our ultimate achievement of spiritual advancement.

There are a lot of people out there who want to rob you of this person power. In my organization we empower you, and I give you examples of my own trials where this can help you along the journey to your own success and prosperity.

Like Frank Herbert and his son had envisioned in their books in the Dune series, Vrilock foresees a humanity which will one day rise above its machine oppressors to embrace a greater operating system—The human psyche and spiritual power system of the true classical occultist. We’re headed this way now. And you should join us.

Let’s talk about who you might be.

You’ve been up against the mind-machine of little men from day one in your life. You just might not have known this. You have always felt that there is something wrong about the world, but you cannot identify it. If you join us we will penetrate these mysteries together as we grow stronger in our fellowship of colleagues.

Now you can grow and prosper as one of us—Join the psionic brotherhood and be like the Avengers! Become one with the forces around you like Master Yoda. Dive deep into the mysterious and master the occult like Doctor Strange.

Vrilock is always looking forward to meeting you. So, get in here and start telling me about you. Join the club and be amongst friends and supporters of your spiritual and occult pursuits.

My name is Tom Vrilock, and I look forward to working with you to find the best solutions to your occult endeavors and spiritual path!

See you in the club!


Here we have a water crystal synchronized with the words “Love and Gratitude”.

Masaru Emoto Hidden Messages in Water

Photo from 'The Hidden Messages in Water' by Masaru Emoto:

Borrowed from Google Images.

The effect is more obvious if we compare some water crystals exposed to the opposite of these words - Such as 'hate' or 'I will kill you.'

Here are a couple of pictures which present the various influences on water/ water crystals. Some from heavy metal music, or hostile statements written on paper which are exposed to water as it freezes. The result is a rather different manifestation of crystal formation.

Masaru Emoto Hidden Messages in Water 2

Photo from 'The Hidden Messages in Water' by Masaru Emoto

Borrowed from Google Images

The two photos above are of negative influences, which clearly make water crystals which are deformed in appearance.

Here we have another photo of the miraculous prayer-board which can be used in conjunction with any of these photographs of these water crystals to influence either the body's water (blood) and organs, or to imbue a beneficial condition into bodies of water on the planet.

The concept of applying “love and gratitude” into the body’s water comes from my discovery of Dr. Masaru Emoto. He wrote a book of his studies about how vibrations, sounds, emotion, and even ideas conveyed in images and written words had a direct influence on the behavior of water. The book is called ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’. I have used this method for stabilizing the energy field surround certain bodies of water to influence a natural protective zone around some areas of the world. The continuation of these projects depends upon my new colleagues taking up the responsibility. We may elect some people to participate in this project for areas of the world where we need to preserve quality/ humanity which is rapidly disappearing in some parts of the world. I can only discuss this with my insiders, who will be in contact with me regularly.

My use of Oxysilver began with my discovery of Dr. Horowitz. With this product I have had a reduction in a number of health problems, and it works as a pretty good replacement for the over-the-counter eyedrops I used to buy from Walmart. Simply mix the oxysilver with water and keep it in a spray bottle. I refrigerate mine. I’ve never gone back to over-the-counter eyedrops since using oxysilver. And I believe Dr. Horowitz is on to something big with the 528 frequency, which you can read about here on Dr. Horowitz’s official web site >>>

Their web site design is a little behind in the times, and the widgets need to be updated for WordPress, but I spoke on the phone with Sherri Kane months ago, and she informed me that they are preparing a new web presence in the near future. She was even kind enough to give me a free bottle of liquid dentist and oxysilver. Plus we talked about the benefit of sharing Oxysilver with pets. I did not know pets could use Oxysilver, but turns out that it’s good for pets. Very cool to know.

The Oxysilver product is sold on a number of web sites, but this one is the most comprehensive web site I’ve found >>>

You can also look up Healthy World Org to find other resellers, or to become an affiliate for their products. Hey, not a bad thing to share good quality products with people you care about. So, why not? Right? Well, do give it a try. No, I’m not currently selling these myself.

All in all, I would like to add something personally, about my own life, which I believe is significant to this report about the spiritual-healing of Dave’s daughter. More than ten years ago I worked in the hospital for a time. During this time I remember getting the doors for paramedics to rush in a teenage girl from a car accident. It looked like the young girl was going to survive as the doctors worked on her in the trauma room. But, later I was asked to help lift this little girl’s body into a cooler in the morgue. I remember wishing her soul well on its journey.

Later on in life I worked as a teacher for children in Japan. I’ve also hosted lessons for senior citizens in Japan. Having worked on both sides of the fence, meaning at the beginning of life and near the end of it, for me to have accomplished some knowledge and will to achieve the healing of an individual in need is quite an accomplishment. But, the knowledge is not free. It was a period of several years of trial during some of the worst catastrophes in Japan that I came into contact with something that changed my life forever. These experiences unlock the real person, the true individual inside, and bring to the surface that king that lives inside of us all.

Again, congratulations to Ripley and Dave Schrader, and all of you who worked to manifest a miraculous recovery! You're awesome people!

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