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The Wondrous Wheel - VPG 3

Spinning its etheric thread throughout the cosmos is a tale of wondrous reality weaved into a coherent manual read like a sci-fi but with a heart-warming story. From the master-mind behind The Miraculous Prayer Board and Psionic Robot, Vrilock Press brings you the third Vrilock Practical Guide: The Wondrous Wheel!


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The Wondrous Wheel is an occult guide to *telemechanics and **kinetic magick, and is unlike any other magick or occult book you will ever read! Venturing from the reading of minds behind remote screens around the world in online communities to pulling meteors down from space, Vrilock delivers the means to an end of techno-tyranny that will rock your universe!

Where are we at in the world of techno-wizardry?

We have been entering the world of a dreadful technocracy since as far back as the 1930’s, and it is a movement which has at its heart the willful intention of dominating your thoughts, feelings, and actions—including your beliefs. Right down to your very soul!

With this first-time ever presentation on telemechanics and kinetic magick, and being a workbook on the practical application of the occult the modern magician and psychic will soon be equipped with a power to overcome the rule of the machine-masters, and rework the artificial dystopia of bureaucrats into a new utopia of mental power, mind-machine evolution and a cooperative network of artificial partners in our shared reality. Imagine it. Turning the machine that was set against you into your ally! We are far from this, but this book is the best manual for getting us there to the new horizon of super science and sorcery!

You’re going to enjoy Vrilock’s final publication of the VPG series!

Reading a Vrilock Practical Guide is like opening a box of Cracker Jacks. You enjoy the flavor of its contents, and even devour a good story in between study sections. The reader even gets a prize at the end of the book: a simple occult instrument which is easy to assemble from ordinary and everyday materials!

The Wondrous Wheel starts as a lesson outline, unfolds the mysterious world of the occult through a stealthy prose (and with a brief break for some humorous comics), and then the guide delivers into the reader’s hands a magical instrument which can extend one’s reach into the world of psychics and mystics! This is techno-wizardry at its fullest!

The Wondrous Wheel is a psionic cannon, a portal opener, and a construct/ thought form weaving machine! You'll learn how to train up and build a simple variant of this ultimate psionic breakthrough machine!

So, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter for the first release of this final publication in the VPG series. And, join us as a paid insider club member to receive super discounts, exclusive instruments and guides, consistent communication with Vrilock, and special favors such as magical and spiritual healing and more!

Rock on!

- Vrilock

*The ability to mentally sense and read the activity of machines with the mind alone.

**The ability to mentally/ emotionally influence and shape forces that are in motion.

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