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Atmoskinesis Weather Magick Rules the World!

Atmoskinesis Weather Magick Rules the World!

Vrilock Atmoskinesis Weather Magician

Whether you’re on the coastlines or someplace in between there is weather ranging from abnormal to severe. The ground is sinking. The sky is falling. The oceans are rising!

Where are you in the midst of this restless and transforming planet? Yes?

It is the one thing on earth which scares the daylights out of the billions of people on the planet, and this is the ultimate wrath of mother earth and father sky. And, well, it is upon us.

While things have been getting a little too interesting on planet earth, and for some time now, old Vrilock was already born with a foresight of the dark tidings to come, and gifted with a talent to do a great work. A work that parapsychologists and metaphysics researches call atmoskinesis.

The Vrilock atmoskinetics challenges began in 1981 in the open desert of Saudi Arabia. A colossal sandstorm struck my dad’s car in the vast desert of Arabia, where I was met by a serious and perilous situation. But it was my awakening in mind which sparked the inner power to will the storm banished. It was made to be so, and within a few seconds. The ancient voices in the sands of time long forgotten introduced me to a new ally, the timeless spirit of wind.

Later in my adult life I trained on the slopes and hidden recesses and cracks in misty mountains in Japan, learning the power of land spirits and the forces of water. I met super typhoon Neoguri and Halong, and 40 plus other super storms in my seven year stay in Japan. I turned, dissipated, banished, and at times levitated these storms high up into the upper atmosphere, nearly teleporting these storms. The result was an understanding of water. Later I would learn how an ancient rune could aid me in moving volcanic powers to heal a mantel, reform islands.

At home I called rain from the Pacific Ocean to put out the fires in California in 2014. The news journalist stated that the rain was nothing to get excited about, but then the entire state was covered in rain like it had never seen before.

My anger so infused into sky, just by looking up and pouring out my rage results in thunderstorms. On good days leaves dance at my feet, and tiny dust devils play at my side.

I am Vrilock. You may have heard of me. If not, go and watch Joshua P. Warren’s film ‘Wishmasters’ at to see my interview about psionics and the occult power!

A level five tornado cloud closed in on our inner city residence while I lived in Milwaukee County in Wisconsin. There I studied under my old mentor a few last teachings to harden my skills.

We now look out our windows and on our television sets at a world transformed and hostile. Has nature decided to scratch off her fleas? Are we destined to a fate of terrible calamities and catastrophic events which will have us all dead before the world’s age turns anew? What is this all about?—the floods, the cyclones, tornadoes, fire wheels, infernos, mega earthquakes and landslides and tsunamis??

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My book ‘The Miraculous Prayer Board Guide’ is a new hope for a desperately transformed ecosystem. Come and join the knightly kinship of your fellow prayer board paladins! Take the journey by first reading this most basic material, a prerequisite for entering the ultimate new and empowered you! This instrument creates miracles and works wonders! Go to Shop >>>

Learn about the evil spirit riding an ominous trail of torrential rain clouds into my residence in Japan, and how I employed faith power to hold back this storm! A magnificent halo of brilliant white light holding back fleets of black clouds for more than a week straight!

Yes! Vrilock the untiring! Learn my craft and spells! Hire me to do a great feat for you! The promise of romance! The gift of awakened knowledge and new beginnings in the occult! More money! Friends! Lovers! Powers! Whatever your desires! Vrilock may have an answer for you!

In time we will see the places where our great forces were strong simply fall into seas of wicked weather, and there is not one organization interested in funding projects to safeguard these locations? Astonishing!

Beautiful parts of the world will be capsized, torn, and flooded to hell, and not one person in the world would like to invest in the Vrilock Movement? Cosmic horrors! Just wait for the asteroids and volcanoes to hit home. Are you going to contact us at the last minute?

Use our messaging system to get in touch! !!!!

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Just about anything you can imagine! Read my resume of magick!

Until next time…

Keep the magick high!

- Vrilock

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